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Who is Marcelle Waldon? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Marcelle Waldon?

Marcelle Waldon is a man from Florida who is charged in connection with the killings of Edith and David Henderson, found stabbed to death in their home. They were killed Tuesday morning.

Picture: Marcelle Waldon in custody

Florida police went to check on the welfare of a former local elected official and her husband. Waldon has been identified as the suspect in the double homicide.

How old is Marcelle Waldon? Where is he from?

Marcelle Waldon is 36 years old, who is originally from Lakeland, Florida.

Marcelle Waldon’s target killings: What is the story?

Early Tuesday morning, David Henderson, went on his daily walk around Lake Morton, stopping a moment to chat with former neighborhood association president Julie Townsend, before driving to Fat Jack’s Deli & Pub to get breakfast for himself and his wife, Edith Henderson, leaving a side door unlocked.

When he returned, he called his wife to come downstairs for breakfast. When she didn’t respond, he went to the couple’s master bedroom, where his wife had been tied up and repeatedly stabbed.

On Thursday morning, after 36 hours of detective and forensic work, Lakeland Police Department announced that it had arrested Waldon for the murder of the Hendersons in the Lake Morton neighborhood.

“The crime scene as you can imaging was absolutely horrific,” Chief of Detectives Sam Taylor said at a news conference Thursday to announce the arrest of Waldon.

What we know so far

Their son had asked police to conduct the welfare check after failing to reach Edith Hendeson by text and then going to the home and finding it in disarray.

Taylor explained that Waldon had entered the home at 127 Lake Morton Dr. through the unlocked door. Evidence shows that he forced Edith Henderson to sign two Chase Bank checks for $5,000 each, made out to Waldon, before tying her up on the bed and murdering her.

When David Henderson climbed to the third floor of their home, he was attacked.

His body was found near a closet and he had also been repeatedly stabbed.

“We think that it was a random act.” Assistant Police Chief Sam Taylor said.

What Marcelle Waldon’s ex girlfriend says

Waldon’s former girlfriend said she began dating him when she was 23 and pregnant with her oldest child by another man. When that daughter was 8 years old, she claims the girl told her that Waldon had been sexually assaulting her. “I was with him until (my daughter) told me that — I called the police when she told me that”.

She said a group of investigators interviewed her daughter, who would not tell the gathering of strangers what Waldon had done to her. Because of that, she said, he was never charged with the crime.

The former girlfriend called Waldon a paranoid schizophrenic.

What Marcelle Waldon’s sister says

Court records show that Waldon’s sister filed for a restraining order on July 20 against him for “repeated domestic violence.” She told the judge that “when I was a child he sexually abused me and no one believed me.”  Waldon’s sister told The Ledger following his first appearance in court Thursday that he fondled her when she was 5 years old and fondled her sister. Their mother, who had four children at the time, was trying to hold down a job to take care of her family and didn’t believe the girls.

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