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Who is Jeremy Rashad Harris? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Jeremy Rashad Harris?

Jeremy Rashad Harris is identified by the Dallas Police Department as the suspect who has been accused of killing his girlfriend’s father to three other unrelated slayings.

Harris is “the definition of a serial killer,” Deputy Chief Reuben Ramirez said during a virtual news conference on Friday. “It’s random. There is no known association.”

How old is Jeremy Rashad Harris?

Jeremy Rashad Harris is 31 years old.

Jeremy Rashad Harris: What is the story?

Police had already accused Jeremy Harris of setting a house fire where 60-year-old Blair Carter was found dead, now authorities believe he’s responsible for several other murders.

Witnesses said they saw a man dressed in black fleeing the scene and holding an unknown object.

It was on November 18 when Carter was found dead. As police continued their investigation into the murder, information and evidence gathered through search warrants lead them to the city of Dallas.

What Jeremy Rashad Harris’ girlfriend says

The girlfriend later told investigators Harris had assaulted her and taken the car for several hours, which is when police believe he shot 19-year-old Robert Jaden Urrea, a university student.

Who is Robert Jaden Urrea?

Robert Jaden Urrea is a 19-year-old student from Southern Methodist University who was found on a street with a gunshot wound on Halloween. Harris is declared the suspect behind the homicide.

Surveillance video showed a white four-door car with custom wheels that police said was owned by Harris’ girlfriend. An arrest warrant affidavit showed Harris had been involved in a wreck hours later in a Ford Taurus that matches the description of the vehicle seen during Urrea’s killing.

During a search of the car, which had been stored at a repair shop, police found a fired cartridge under the passenger seat.

In an interview with Harris, officials said they confirmed he had possession of the vehicle.

What we know so far

Investigators said Harris is also believed to be responsible for multiple other non-lethal shootings.

The slayings of 57-year-old Kenneth Jerome Hamilton and 36-year-old Adam Gautreau occurred on Nov. 14.

Gautreau was shot and killed while panhandling at 8:30 p.m. and Hamilton — a father, grandfather and husband — was shot as he drove home half an hour later. He died at the hospital following the attack.

Surveillance video showed a black Chevrolet Tahoe with black rims at both locations. A set of black rims were found inside Harris’ apartment, and the same gun was used in the slayings, police said. Police also linked the weapon to a shooting on East Grand Avenue on Nov. 16 in which the victim survived.

On the evening of November 17, a man and two 20-year-old women were shot in separate incidents, where police have identified Harris as a suspect. He was arrested in his apartment in Ellis County and is being held in the Collin County jail in lieu of a $3 million bond.

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