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Who is Missing Michigan Girl Gloria Alvarado? Everything You Need To Know

Who is Gloria Alvarado? Where is she from?

Gloria Alvarado, a straight-A teen from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, was reported missing when her mom went to wake her up for school one Monday morning and found her bedroom empty with the window open and the screen cut out, with Gloria’s cell phone left behind.

Gloria Alvarado, a straight-A teen from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan

When was Gloria Alvarado last seen?

Alvarado has been missing for over two weeks. Gloria Alvarado was last seen by her mother around 9 pm on November 1 at their family home in the city of Taylor, about 18 miles outside of Detroit. When her mother came into her bedroom to wake her for school the next morning, she was gone.

How old is Gloria Alvarado?

Gloria Alvarado is 15 years old.

How does she look?

Gloria is 5-foot-2, weighs about 168 pounds and might have been wearing pink and white Air Jordan shoes.

Gloria Alvarado Missing News: what is the story?

Tina Alvarado told Fox 2 Detroit her daughter’s phone was laying on the bed, the curtain was hanging off the window, which was wide open. Its screen had been cut.

Police obtained a 14-second video from a surveillance camera across the street that showed a car pull up in front of Alvarado’s home on Filmore Street around 1 a.m. on November 2.

A man can be seen getting out of the car before the clip ends.

“Her phone was on her pillow and she was gone,” Tina Alvarado said, according to the News-Herald.

“We have been looking for her ever since.”

What Gloria Alvarado family says

“Gloria is basically a homebody,” her mother told News-Herald.

“We do stuff as a family. She was a straight-A student. She was in the band at her school, and she had been cheerleading since she was 5 years old. She was happy-go-lucky.”

“Wherever she is I hope she is ok. I wish she would just call me. I just want my baby back.”

What we know so far

According to detectives, Alvarado does not have a history of running away from home. She did appear to take a toothbrush with her. Taylor Police is working with outside agencies to help locate the teenager.

On Thursday, more than 100 family members and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil, praying for her safe return. The Taylor Police Department did not immediately return a request for comment on Monday.

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