Who is American Airlines Passenger: Wendi Williams Biography, Wiki, Age, Seat Controversy, Airplane Video, Twitter and Reports

Wendi Williams Biography – Wiki

Wendi Williams is identified as an American Airlines passenger who who posted a now-viral video of the tense encounter and claimed her reclined seat was continuously punched by an airline passenger sitting behind her, according to officials. It is now reported that she wants to press charges against the man who was caught punching her backseat.

Wendi Williams in Seat Recliner Controversy

The dispute between the two was over William’s seat which disturbed the man while eating. He asked her to put up her seat , which she did.

However, she took up her seat reclined again once he was done with eating. That is the moment when the man started punching her seat.

“It happened every 20-30 seconds. It probably happened eight times. That’s when I started videoing,” she said.

Wendi Williams Airplane Video

She thought filming the man would make him stop his “ridiculous” antics.

According to the interview, Williams thought she had better be frustrated at the flight attendant. But it turned out that she was instead threatened her if she didn’t delete the video she just recorded.

“I had my hand raised as I was videoing him so that I would get the flight attendant’s attention. She came over to me kind of huffy,” Williams revealed.

The flight attendant instead came to the man’s defense and apologized to him for the tight space.

“I was like, are you kidding me?”  Williams said.

Wendi Williams Wants to Press Charges Against the Man

The American passenger says the unidentified man should be charged with assault.

What’s more, she said the attendant on the American Eagle flight should be fired”.


“I want to know who he is. I would like to press charges against this man. I was assaulted on this plane”, Williams insisted on Friday


Williams was also reportedly handed a “Passenger Disturbance Notice” that warned of federal prosecution.

An American Airlines representative told TMZ that the airline was looking into the incident and that attempts were made to de-escalate the midair confrontation.

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