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Who is Hero Disney World Abusive Boyfriend: Wayne Shiflett Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Wayne Shiflett Biography — Wiki

Wayne Shiflett is an abusive boyfriend whose Pennsylvania girlfriend escaped him after an alert Disney World ticket salesman helped her, police say. The woman, who was not named, had reportedly called under the pretense that she wanted to book tickets for the theme park, then conveyed to the Disney employee who answered that she was in danger.

Wayne Shiflett Age

Wayne Shiflett is 38 years old as of 2021.

Wayne Shiflett Pennslyvania Girlfriend

The employee heard the woman telling someone to ‘get off me’ and ‘getaway’ from me during the January 9 call. They then contacted 911 said they had a woman on the line who appeared to need help.

As a result, police responded to a home in the 3300 block of Glen Hollow Drive, in Dover, and arrested Wayne Terry Shiflett on charges of strangulation, terrorist threats, harassment and aggravated assault.

According to the Northern New York County Regional Police, the Disney employee contacted the department at 11:18 pm on January 9, after becoming concerned for the victim’s safety.

They told police the woman had initially called to inquire about tickets, though kept shouting for someone to ‘get off’ her during the conversation. At that point, the employee said she began asking the victim ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions so she could discreetly find out if the woman needed help.

The worker first asked the woman if she was actually calling to book a trip, to which the woman replied ‘no’.

She then asked the woman if she needed law enforcement sent to her home, to which she reportedly responded ‘yes’.

The Disney worker also asked the woman if someone was hurting her, and the woman said ‘yes’ again.

What we know so far about Wayne Shiflett

Officers were then dispatched to the victim’s home. There, police say they encountered the victims who immediately told them she wanted Shiflett removed from the property, and the pair were separated.

According to the victim, she and Shiflett started arguing about getting him a ‘real’ job.

Shiflett allegedly told the victim he had recently obtained employment as a fire extinguisher salesman and became angry when the victim told him that it was ‘not a real job’ and that he needed a real job’ if he wanted to be with her, according to FOX43.

At that point, the woman claims Shiflett attacked her, grabbing her throat and choking her while allegedly threatening to kill her. The victim said Shiflett choked her on at least three different occasions and also slapped her. She said she was afraid she was going to die.

Police say the victim showed visible signs of the alleged attack, including scratches to her face, and red marks on her neck.

Shiflett allegedly admitted to slapping and choking the victim, police say. Shiflett was arrested and charged with strangulation, terrorist threats with intent to terrorize another and simple assault.

According to Fox 43, Shiflett also had an outstanding warrant for theft by unlawful taking issued by the York County Sheriff’s Office. He has since been arraigned on all charges and remains in jail in York County. It’s not immediately clear if he had representation.

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