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Chinese kindergarten teacher to be executed after poisoning 25 students with nitrite-laced porridge

Wang Yun

Wang Yun is a Chinese kindergarten teacher who allegedly poisoned 25 children, killing one of them, after an argument with a rival staff member “over student management issues” in central China.

Wang was accused in March 2019 of poisoning 25 young children in Jiaozuo city by tainting their breakfast with sodium nitrite, which can be deadly if consumed in large quantities, the BBC reported Tuesday.

According to CNN, Wang had also been caught trying to poison her husband, surnamed Feng, in February 2017 after an argument. On that occasion, Wang poured nitrite into a glass used by Feng, causing minor injuries.

What led Wang Yun to poison 25 kindergarteners?

In March 2019, Yun was accused of poisoning more than two dozen kindergarteners, killing one, to wage revenge on a coworker after an agreement over student management in Jiaozuo.

According to a report heard by the court, Wang had an argument with another staff member at the Jiaozuo kindergarten over how best to handle the students.

On the morning of March 27, 2019, Wang added nitrite, which she had bought online, to porridge supplied by the school and intended for the other teacher’s students.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nitrite is used in fertilizers, food preservation, and explosives. At high levels, it can stop the human body from properly absorbing oxygen.

Parents of the victims

At the time of this incident, one parent told China’s state-run tabloid Global Times he had received a call from the kindergarten saying his child had vomited and fainted. When he arrived, he found his child unconscious.

“The vomit was all over (their) pants. There were other children who were also throwing up, and they looked pale,” the father, surnamed Li, reported to newspapers.

Wang Yun to be executed by Chinese authorities

On Monday, the Jiaozuo Intermediate People’s Court in Henan province described Wang Yun’s motives as “despicable” and “vicious.” “She should be punished severely in accordance with the law”, the ruling said.

“The consequences of her crimes were extremely serious, and she deserves to be severely punished”.

Wang is reportedly expected to be executed by firing squad or lethal injection.

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