Who is Music Icon Kenny Rogers’ Wife: Everything You Need To Know About Wanda Miller

Wanda Miller Biography – Wiki

Wanda Miller (born 1976) is identified as the wife of country music icon Kenny Rogers, who has been reportedly announced dead at the age of 81, leaving a loving family behind: including his current wife, according to Variety.

She is 53 years old.

Breaking News: Kenny Rogers Dead at 81

81-year-old Kenny Rogers, who was Wanda’s current husband, passed away in hospice, surrounded by family. His cause of death is considered to be natural, a representative told Variety.

He was famous and best known for leaving his legacy in a number of amazing classic country songs, including The Gambler, Lady, She Believes in Me, and Through the Years.

Everything You Need To Know About Wanda Miller

Early Life:

Wanda was born in Lowndes County, Georgia, USA.


There is only detail about her twin sister, who is known by Tonia.

Marriage Life:

According to Country Fancast, there is 28-year gap between her and her husband.

With time, Rodgers became good friends with Wanda’s parents when the two young were in deep love. Rogers told them when they first were skeptical of him: “I will make you a promise. I will never lie to her and I will never lie to you”.

Wanda Miller’s Husband Kenny Rogers

Rogers was born in Houston on August 21, 1938 to  Lucille Lois and Edward Floyd Rogers. His mother was a nurse’s assistant while his father was a carpenter.

His ancestry is Irish and Native American. In an interview about his memoir, Luck or Something Like It, Rogers shared his father’s problems with alcoholism and how it affected his childhood: “I think that one of the real tragedies in my life is that I never really got to know why my dad drank”.

Wanda Miller Dating Period & Marriage Ceremony

The couple met each other for the first time in Atlanta on a blind date, being deeply smitten. He called the restaurant later and asked about Miller, who was 26 at the time. She returned his call after her coworkers convinced her they weren’t playing a joke on her.

They got married on June 1, 1997.

In August 2019, Miller posted about her love for Rogers on Instagram. “We love you, Kenny… Another blessed year,” she wrote.

Wanda Miller Children

The couple together had produced five children. Despite being reluctant to have more kids, Rodgers told Independent: “I did some soul-searching and realized it was unfair of me to take her childbearing years… So we went for it, and when I was told it was twins, man, I was thrilled”.

By the time Wanda turned 31, she really wanted children and had twins in 2004.

Facts You Need To Know

  • The music singer married five times
  • He married his first wife, Janice Gordon, in 1958, and they divorced in 1960
  • He married Jean Rogers in 1960 and they were married until 1963
  • He married Margo Anderson in 1964, which lasted 12 years, until their divorce in 1976
  • Rogers married Marianne Gordon in 1977, and they were together until their divorce in 1993
  • Rogers married his fifth wife, Wanda Miller, in 1997

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