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Who is Arrested Virginia White Police Officer: Everything You Need To Know About Tyler Timberlake

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Tyler Timberlake is named as the white Virginia police officer who has allegedly been arrested on assault charges after video showed him subduing a disoriented black man with a stun gun. It happened Saturday on a residential street in Fairfax County just outside Washington at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, June 5, 2020. Body camera footage of a black man’s arrest in Austin, Texas, where he says “I can’t breathe” multiple times is under investigation.

He is an eight-year veteran of the force.

Tyler Timberlake Seen Repeatedly Using Stun Gun on Black Man

The man – referred to in the video as Devonte and Anthony, but who has not been officially identified – walking in circles in the middle of the street rambling.

It is unclear if the black man was suffering from the effects of drugs or a mental health condition, but at times he requests oxygen and detox treatment.

Police and Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department paramedics were at the scene, encouraging the man to get into the ambulance to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

However, the man continued circling aimlessly and refused to go.

At minute 2:48 of the video, Police Officer First Class Tyler Timberlake walks up and uses a Taser on him. The officer wearing the camera is heard asking: “Is he wanted [for arrest]?”

Timberlake then demands the man roll over. The officer then puts his knee into the man’s back and appears to use the Taser a second time during the struggle. Others step forward to support the apprehension.

Tyler Timberlake Footage/Video

Timberlake is heard repeatedly telling “Anthony” to relax before redeploying the Taser.

The man struggles and attempts to break free before the officers and paramedics pin him down to be handcuffed. The man repeatedly says, “I can’t breathe”.

Someone had called police about a man walking down a street shouting that he needed oxygen. In the video, the man hit with the stun gun repeatedly says, “Your body needs oxygen” and he does not appear coherent.

Tyler Timberlake Into Custody

Timberlake was charged on Saturday, June 6, “at the direction of the Fairfax County Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney” Steve Descano.

Tyler Timberlake Victim

The man was treated at a hospital and subsequently released, Roessler said.

At a June 6 press conference, the police chief described Timberlake’s chosen use of force as “horrible.” He said now is meant to be a time for healing as a County and nation and he prayed for the victim and his family.


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