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What You Don’t Know About ‘Racist Music Artist: Tulla Luana Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Tulla Luana
Tulla Luana

Who is Tulla Luana?

Tulla Luana, who is also known as ‘web diva’, is a Brazillian musician and Youtuber who has over 209,000 followers on Instagram. The artist recently came under fire after a segment of a video surfaced on the internet where she is seen slamming Minaj saying, “If you look in the mirror, you’re as dark on the outside as you are on the inside, I really want you to be killed, I want you to suffer b*lling in relation to your color, you were born this way and will die like this!”

Web Diva Tulla Luana

Tulla Luana, the musical artist known as the ‘web diva’, is under fire for allegedly calling Nicki Minaj “dark”.

Social media users slammed the internet personality for being ‘racist’. Here’s the full truth amid all the claims.

How old is Tulla Luana?

Born on 2nd February 1970, Tulla Luana is 51 years old as of the year 2021.

Tulla Luan Racista

While some social media users have claimed that Luana was being racist in the video, others believe that she slammed Minaj for making fun of a person. One user said that Luana snapped at Minaj because the latter made fun of someone neurodivergent.

Luana also criticized a company called Óticas Carol for being racist in an ad commercial in the same video.

Is Tulla Luana Racist?

Luana’s YouTube video caused a stir in social media as users started discussing if Luana was being racist.

A user said, “Hello to Barbz from the United States, I’m Brazilian and today in our country we discovered a video of Tulla Luana being racist with Nicki Minaj, I ask all of you, STOP using this woman’s gifs/ photos/videos, she is RACIST!” explaining, ”

In the video, she says that Nicki Minaj is as dark on the outside as on the inside and that she deserves to be bullied for her color and also wishes Nicki’s death, she has already been exposed and the Brazilian Barbz have stopped using her as a meme!”

Some have explained the YouTuber’s outrage as a result of Minaj making fun of someone.

A user wrote, “she is not snapping at nicki minaj because she’s black…she snapped at her because nicki made fun of someone neurodivergent. also in the same video tulla criticizes Óticas Carol for featuring the whole white family but not the black little girl in a commercial…”

Tulla Luana Twitter

Users have also asked others to watch the complete video before slamming the artist. A user wrote, “search for the whole thing before talking shit about it, that’s what you all need to learn yes, she was being rough with nicki, but it was for another reason other than being black!”

Another opined, “Tulla is racist, not even like “oh you would look better if your hair was straight” racist, she’s RACIST RACIST! She said Nicki should be boiled alive because she’s black. Disgusting. Just Gretchen and Kory/other fictional characters gifs from now on!”

Tulla Luana Morreu

Tulla Luana Meme

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