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Colorado Babysitter’s Killer: Trevor George biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Victims, Arrest and More

Trevor George Biography — Wiki

Trevor George is the suspect who murdered Colorado babysitter Ryan Rogina and choked his young daughter inside their house near the small town of Windsor, as the affidavit for his arrest confirms the storyline.

Pictured: suspect Trevor George

The owner of a remote Colorado farmhouse showed up to find her boyfriend dead in the yard and her young daughter being choked by a man inside, authorities said.

Trevor George Age

Ryan Rogina is 32 years old as of 2020.

Who is Ryan Rogina?

Ryan Rogina is a man from North Dakota who is survived by his wife and young daughter. He was 30 years old.

Family members of the young girl say Rogina was a close family friend who offered to watch the young girl while her mother had a night out with friends.

Trevor George Murders Ryan Rogina During Robbery

Trevor George, the sole suspect, allegedly shot and killed Ryan Rogina in the driveway of the home. Victims say Rogina was likely trying to prevent George from stealing his pickup truck at the time of the shooting.

According to the arrest affidavit, George then entered the house where a young girl was hiding.

Rogina was shot and killed outside the home before 1 am Friday. The report says the young girl’s mother returned home with friends shortly after the murder took place.

The women, who had just returned from a club, noticed Rogina’s lifeless body lying in the driveway. When some found him “obviously deceased,” the child’s mother ran to the home to check on her child.

According to the report, George then met the mother at the door and pointed a gun at her. At the time she was on the phone with 911 dispatch, and later told officers she thought George was going to kill her too.

The report says George, “Paused with the gun pointed at her as if he was thinking of shooting.”

He then left her.

Where is George Trever now?

George eventually exited the home and allegedly placed the barrel of a silver handgun against the head of at least one other woman who was still outside. He allegedly demanded the keys to the car they were driving, which she said she did not have. That woman said she saw George run from the property.

Weld County deputies were called to the home in Windsor around 1 a.m. Friday.

Once law enforcement arrived and cleared the property, the women and young girl tried to describe George. All of them noted that he was a white man who was wearing a black mask.

Meanwhile, law enforcement accused George of running from the scene to a nearby neighborhood where he allegedly stole another vehicle, a Dodge Challenger.

Deputies were able to quickly identify George as their person of interest as a stolen pickup truck located in Windsor earlier in the night had a business card with information that linked to Trevor George.

George was tasered and arrested before noon on Friday, 11 hours after Rogina’s murder.

Reports So Far

The young girl was transported to a nearby hospital, where doctors noted that she showed symptoms of petechiae around her eyes and head. She was treated and released.

Victims tell CBS4 they believe George was trying to steal Rogina’s truck at the time of the shooting.

Upon investigation, deputies noticed Rogina’s body had likely been moved toward the back of the pickup truck. Marks were left on the ground which showed he was likely dragged toward the tail of the truck.

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