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Racist Sadiq Khan Hired Activist Accusing Diane Abbott: Toyin Agbetu Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Toyin Agbetu
Toyin Agbetu

Who is Toyin Agbetu?

Toyin Agbetu is a left-wing activist who was appointed by Sadiq Khan to review London’s statues and has been accused of racism over disparaging comments about prominent black figures including Diane Abbott and David Lammy.

As per reports, Agbetu was appointed to the Mayor of London’s Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm. However, she has recently accused Ms. Abbott of being ‘disloyal to her own community and called Mr. Lammy a ‘poor example of Africans’.

The activist’s comments in an online blog have led Shaun Bailey to urge Mr Khan to remove him for his ‘racist past’, The Telegraph reported.

How old is Toyin Agbetu?

Toyin Agbetu is 53 years old in 2021.

When was Toyin Agbetu hired?

Mr. Khan had hired Mr. Agbetu in the wake of last year’s BLM movement which led to criticism over the capital’s statues which celebrate figures with colonial links. The Mayor faced criticism of his commission which he set up to review the statues after historians claimed it excluded conservative viewpoints.

Toyin Agbetu ‘Racism’

The activist also published a harsh criticism of Mr. Lammy, Baroness Scotland and Baroness Amos.

Mr. Agbetu wrote: ‘Lammy, Amos and Scotland are all poor examples of Africans whose quest for influence and status has dwarfed their duty to human rights, social justice for African people and opposition to imperialism.’

The activist was previously known for his 2007 outburst in front of the Queen 2007 when he shouted ‘you should be ashamed’ during a service at Westminster Abbey. He also attracted criticism for expressing skepticism about the Pfizer vaccine, saying: ‘We are being encouraged to relax our compliance with these relaxed restrictions because apparently, a magical vaccine is around the corner from the Viagra specialists.’

Toyin Agbetu Activist (Journalist)

Mr. Bailey said this week he vows to scrap Mr. Khan’s diversity commission if he is elected. He also highlighted how Agbetu once called the Metropolitan Police ‘institutionally racist’ and branded the army a ‘paid militancy’ in an article written for his human rights agency Ligali.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “Sadiq makes absolutely no apologies for acting to ensure our public realm reflects the amazing wealth of diversity of our city and our history”

‘Toyin Agbetu was appointed for his significant expertise, knowledge and experience as a social rights activist and in setting up Ligali, which challenges the misrepresentation of African people and culture in the media. His vast experience will provide a valuable contribution to the Commission.’

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