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Transgender Warehouse Worker Sues FedEx: Toy Prendergast Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Toy Prendergast Biography — Wiki

Toy Prendergast is a former transgender warehouse worker who has reportedly sued delivery giants FedEx and claims she was forced out by cruel colleagues who tormented her for being transgender. Prendergast says she was subjected to insults including being called a ‘f****** queer’ at the firm’s HQ in Stoke, Staffs.

Legal papers allege sick abuse from former work friends started when she began living as a woman.

Toy Prendergast Age

Toy Prendergast is 55 years old.

Toy Prendergast sues FedEx over claims she was forced out by bullying colleagues

Ms. Toy Prendergast had previously spent 12 happy years working at the global firm’s UK HQ in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, as depot operative Paul before beginning her transition in 2017. But the delivery worker, who quit her job in May, says she was subjected to sick taunts on her first day back as her new identity.

Prendergast is now suing FedEx for constructive dismissal and gender reassignment discrimination.

Mrs. Prendergast said: ‘I used to be one of the gang as Paul – but when I came out as Toy they turned on me straight away. ‘My life was made hell. I was scared to go to work – I was scared for my safety.

‘Virtually every day I was being abused. I would wake up every night crying and drenched in sweat.

‘I just couldn’t go on – I was having too many suicidal thoughts. I was panicking at the very thought of going into work. Every day was like a recurring nightmare.’

Tribunal papers, known as particulars of claim, state Mrs. Prendergast was subjected to insults ‘almost daily’ – with one colleague ‘suggesting sexual intercourse movements on a handrail and other obscene gestures with his hands’.

She also claims that she was forced to complete heavy tasks expected of male colleagues that were ‘very difficult’ for her as a transgender woman.

Mrs. Prendergast, from Cinderford, Glos, said she previously had a ‘successful and happy career’ at the company but was left ‘heartbroken’ by the abuse from her former friends.

She said: ‘I was made to feel third class. When I went to the smoking-room, the guys I used to call my mates would turn their backs on me.

‘I was on my own in the warehouse and whenever I complained I was never taken seriously.

‘I was just left to suffer in silence. The hostility from men who had previously seen me as one of the gang left me shocked.

‘I was called abusive names all the time. I tried to muddle through and rise above it but things became extremely difficult.

‘I dreaded coming to work and couldn’t sleep at night worrying about work the next day.’

Lawyers for Mrs. Prendergast say she was left to work in a ‘toxic and intimidating environment that violated her dignity’.

What we know so far about Toy Prendergast

The papers state: ‘Contrary to her hopes, her transgender status marked the beginning of hostile and abusive discriminatory treatment that was all the more hurtful because many of the perpetrators were colleagues whom she had worked with without issue previously’.

Toy Prendergast, who suffers from severe anxiety and depression, claims that she reported the abuse but bosses failed to take it seriously. She faced ‘a further barrage of abuse and alienation to the point that she became a nervous wreck’.

She said she felt no other option but to resign in May 2020 as she felt ‘too vulnerable to go on’.

A tribunal date is yet to be set. Mrs. Prendergast says she has ‘nothing left to lose’ by taking legal action.

She is awaiting transition surgery after her operation was postponed during the lockdown.

Solicitor Fiona Almazedi, from Oakwood Solicitors, in Leeds, West Yorks, said: ‘The case highlights the shocking hostility faced by trans women when they attend work after transitioning – often from those they have worked alongside for years who simply cannot accept their new gender.

‘The hurt and distress that this causes cannot be underestimated and it’s a real problem in workplaces up and down the country. ‘Toy is a very brave woman but it is sad that she has been driven out of a job she loved and carried out successfully for 15 years. ‘All she ever wanted was her colleagues to support and accept her.’

A FedEx spokesman said: ‘We care for the wellbeing of all our team members and take any allegations of discrimination extremely seriously. As this is an ongoing legal matter, it is not appropriate for us to comment further.’

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