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Conspiracy Theorist Dragged By Hospital Guards: Tobe Hayden Leigh Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Tobe Hayden Leigh Biography — Wiki

Tobe Hayden Leigh is a maskless conspiracy theorist who tries to take a dying elderly Covid patient home from a hospital ward against doctors’ orders before he is dragged out by security guards. Leigh launched a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse as he was frogmarched from the acute respiratory care unit at East Surrey Hospital, after apparently sneaking in to collect a loved one who wanted to leave.

Joined by others close to the patient, the intruder filmed a team of medics – who were working tirelessly to save the pensioner’s life – and insisted he be discharged, despite a doctor warning he could ‘drop dead at any minute’.

Tobe Hayden Leigh Age

Tobe Hayden Leigh’s age has not been publicly announced yet.

Tobe Hayden Leigh dragged out by hospital security guards

Insisting he was the patient’s McKenzie friend – a person who assists a litigant and can accompany them in court if unrepresented – Tobe Hayden Leigh asks for the patient to be taken off oxygen, despite his seriously low levels, and ignored repeated requests to leave during the fiery 20-minute row.

When Mr. Leigh and the others with the patient were told they were putting themselves and others in grave danger by being there, and in his case not wearing a mask, they simply replied: ‘It’s our own risk.’ The patient – who was seen coughing and struggling for breath throughout – removed his oxygen tube and demanded to go home, but was told by staff he would not survive the journey.

What the footage shows

Footage of the disturbing incident has already been viewed thousands of times.

It shows the patient and his loved ones arguing with a young male doctor – as he desperately battles to save the man from the virus.

The doctor warns the patient if he removes his oxygen tube he will die, to which he replies: ‘Yeah, so you keep saying. Let’s go.’ Mr. Leigh steps in and accuses the hospital of ‘lying’ about the patient’s condition and keeping his family in the dark.

The doctor responds: ‘My main concern is his safety and at the moment you are making him unsafe. He’s taken his oxygen off, he’s going to die if we don’t put it back on.’ The patient defiantly replies: ‘No, I’m not.’

The doctor refuses to discuss the matter further until the oxygen pipe is put back in – and the patient reluctantly agrees. Appealing to his family, the doctor says: ‘You’re not respecting our wishes by coming inside. You’re going to spread Covid around.’

Mr. Leigh insists ‘we’re fine’, and the patient – clearly struggling for air – asks: ‘What about my wishes?’

The doctor then points at the patient’s oxygen levels on a monitor and says: ‘Seventy-three percent. He’s at risk of dropping dead at any minute.’ The seriously ill man says ‘I want to go home’ but is told: ‘You will die.’ Again, he dismisses the medical advice.

The man’s loved ones continue to challenge the doctor but he stands firm and insists the patient will not survive without a constant supply of oxygen.

He says: ‘He has coronavirus pneumonia affecting both of his lungs. He’s on steroids called dexamethasone.”

Mr. Leigh says his treatment should be replaced with vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc but is flatly told: ‘None of those are proven treatments for coronavirus.’

Security guards then arrive and order him to leave, but he refuses to comply, saying the patient is being held ‘hostage’.

He blasts: ‘I’m an officer of the court. I’m putting you on notice, if you put one hand on me and touch me I’ll be doing you for assault.’

The doctor tells the patient he needs to be put on a ventilator, but he shakes his head and says: ‘No way. Hurry up and get me out of here.’

Mr. Leigh then rants about Covid conspiracy theories, at which point the doctor ends the conversation and tells security to throw him out.

As he is hauled away, he shouts ‘get off me, ya p****’ and threatens to have the men prosecuted for assault.

What we know so far about Tobe Hayden Leigh

A Surrey Police spokeswoman said: ‘Officers were called by East Surrey Hospital on Saturday, January 23, reporting concerning social media posts which included videos and abusive comments towards hospital staff made over the course of two days which appeared to be escalating.

‘On investigation, this related to an earlier incident where police were called to the hospital on Thursday, January 21, around 1.55 pm following reports that a number of people had gained access to the critical care ward to visit a family member and were not wearing masks.

‘An investigation is underway into the videos and comments which are being posted on social media, and enquiries remain ongoing.’

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