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Who is Russian Hockey Player? How Did He Die? Timur Faizutdino Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Timur Faizutdino
Timur Faizutdino

Who was Timur Faizutdino?

Timur Faizutdino was a former Russian hockey player who played as a defenseman for the Dynamo Saint Petersburg youth team. He went to Kent State University in Kent, Ohio and played almost 200 matches for their team. Timur has reportedly died after being in the head by the puck during a game.

He was the caption of the team Dynamo St. Petersburg for the season 2021.

How old was Timur Faizutdino?

Born in 2001, Timur Faizutdino was 19 years old at the time of death.

Timur Faizutdino: Russian Hockey Player Dies

“Timur Faizutdinov was injured on March 12 in Yaroslavl during a match against Lokomotiv. The puck hit the head area, the player was hospitalized in serious condition. Doctors fought for his life for three days,” the statement said.

Timur Faizutdino Reddit

Kent State University wrote in Reddit: “Today in the playoffs Timur caught the puck in a game situation. Now he is in intensive care and Yaroslavl doctors are fighting for his life. And at this very moment, you and I together, all of St. Petersburg, the entire Youth League, the entire vast country need to send such powerful support to Tim so that it will give him the opportunity to win this battle. We are with you, Phase !!! #we are dynamo”

Faizutdino died at the age of 19 after being hit in the head by a puck, his club announced in a statement on Tuesday.

Timur Faizutdino Video

The footage shows Timur getting hit in the head by oppsite team.

Timur Faizutdino Hockey Player

Dynamo said upcoming games later today and in the following days will begin with a minute of silence for Faizutdinov.

The statement ended with the words: “Forever at Dynamo. Forever in our hearts.”

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