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Who is Viral Kentucky Flamethrower: Timothy Browning Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Video, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Timothy Browning Biography — Wiki

Timothy Browning is a man from Kentucky who wanted to clear the snow from his driveway and used a flamethrower to blast the white stuff away in an instant. In a 30 second clip that has since gone viral, Browning can be seen playing up to the camera as he stands in his driveway in just a white bathrobe, slippers and a hat with a cigar in his mouth and a can of beer in his hand.

Browning directs his flamethrower at one side of the driveway and then the other, instantly melting the snow and ice which had built up.

Timothy Browning Age

Timothy Browning, from Ashland, east of Lexington, has not revealed his age yet.

Timothy Browning goes viral after using a flamethrower to clear snow from his driveway, footage shows

His wife, Beth Browning, who was filming the clip states at the start on camera: ‘Browning snow services removal now available!’

Timothy Browning appears to take it easy as he melts the snow away. At one point he turns away from the camera to down a can of beer before throwing it on the ground as flames spew from the flamethrower.

As he walks down the path, parts of the ground are still seen to be ablaze as the liquid fuel continues to burn after hitting the drive. At one point, a passing motorist honks their horn as they drive by.

‘Browning snow services. God bless Merica!’ Browning wrote on his Facebook account.

Viewers were quick to react on social media with many seemingly either desiring their own flamethrower or jokingly requesting his services.

You charge by the job?? I need off my hill!!’, wrote Jared Castle.

‘YOU’RE HIRED!!!! How soon can you get here???!!!??’ asked Joe Rimmer.

‘I’ve wanted one of those for several years. Now I REALLY want one!’ said Andrea Evans.

‘I’ve always wondered why nobody has come up with a simple way to melt snow. It’s just frozen water. Seems very inefficient to shovel it into a pile somewhere, when all you need is some heat to turn it into water,’ added Mike Grossman.

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