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What You Don’t Know About Alleged Idaho Man: Timmy Kinner Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Timmy Kinner
Timmy Kinner

Who is Timmy Kinner?

Timmy Kinner is a man originally from Memphis who was reportedly accused of stabbing a three-year-old girl, Ruya Kadir, to death at a birthday party and injuring eight more with knife wounds in June 2018, has pleaded guilty to several crimes, according to the Ada County Prosecutor’s Office.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday, March 30 to one count of first-degree murder, eight counts of aggravated battery, two counts of aggravated assault, and one count of use of a deadly weapon. Among the eight others who were attacked, five were children.

How old is Timmy Kinner?

Timmy Kinner is 32 years old as of the year 2021.

Timmy Kinner Idaho

Kinner is a “habitual offender, charged with one or more new crimes almost every year since he was 18.”

His past charges allegedly include him attacking a relative with a knife and shooting a man during a robbery. Reports suggest he served a year and a half in federal prison in Kentucky. And, was arrested for theft in St George, Utah a few months later. He reportedly pleaded “no contest” to stealing a man’s wallet.

He is said to have moved to Boise several weeks before the June 2018 stabbing. He was reportedly staying at the apartment complex where the incident occurred and was asked to vacate his residence a week before the stabbing rampage. Kinner didn’t know any of the victims, many of whom were refugees.

They had fled to Idaho after escaping violence in their home countries.

Ruya Kadir

Anmar Lafta, who is said to be related to some of the victims, wants the accused to be sentenced to death. “What he did to children, to the family, he broke family hearts and he killed children. Those people should go to death without even thinking about it.

They’re not adults, they hadn’t seen life yet. They ran away from war to come here, and look what happened to them,” he said.

Timmy Kinner Motive

Kinner’s trial was delayed significantly as he was ruled “incompetent to stand for trial”. Lawyers representing him argued that he suffered from “mental conditions” which impaired his decision-making skills and the ability for them to defend him, according to KTVB-TV.

He was cleared as mentally fit for trial in October 2019. The brother of one of the victims Mustafa Mutlak said the family was “relieved” after the suspect pleaded guilty. He said, “We just want everybody to be safe because the crimes he did against kids are horrible.”

“That was terrifying to see a grown man attacking kids at a birthday party.”

Timmy Kinner Trial

“We just wish that justice will take place and we pray for his soul to be forgiven by God… We thank the city and the police department and the justice system because they made us feel safer at home after the accidents,” he further added.

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