hidden hit counter Tennessee Police Searching for Suspect in Hit-and-run at BLM Protest

Tennessee Police Searching for Suspect in Hit-and-run at BLM Protest

Tennessee Manhunt for ‘Person of Interest at BLM Protest

Tennessee police are searching for a driver who was captured on video striking a pedestrian in a hit-and-run with a car during a Black Lives Matter protest Saturday.

A white Ford Expedition SUV was reported to have hit a man at an intersection in Johnson City before fleeing the scene, Johnson City police said in a statement. The victim was treated at a hospital for unspecified injuries.

The Johnson City Police Department has not yet released the identity of the driver of the vehicle of interest, nor has JCPD released the name of the injured protester.

More information was expected to be released Monday, investigators said.

What Actually Happened?

News Channel 11’s Kristen Gallant approached eyewitnesses of Saturday night’s incident.

“[The driver of the vehicle] revs their engine and gets really close to [injured advocate]. [The injured advocate] turns around and takes a picture”, Kemp Faneto with the New Panthers Initiative, who was protesting Saturday night when the incident occurred, said.

“There was a group of protesters that were coming across the road from us from Southern Craft and going down the alley to what would lead you to Holy Taco…When they start to surround the SUV, they get upright on top of it, start pushing with their hands, beating on the vehicle and things like that…”, Another eye witness, Robbie Fritts, who was not involved with the protest, said.

Tennessee police said video footage from witnesses, traffic cameras, and surrounding businesses was reviewed. A person can be heard saying the vehicle has North Carolina tags.

Investigation Reports

Lt. Andy Hodges with the Johnson City Police Department did confirm an incident occurred on September 12.

“We received a call at 7:20 last night at the intersection of Spring Street and State of Franklin Road on a pedestrian who had been struck by a vehicle”, Hodges said

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