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Is Baby Lives Matter Founder Arrested: Tayler Hansen Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Tayler Hansen Biography — Wiki

Tayler Hansen is the founder of an anti-abortion group called Baby Lives Matter who was reportedly linked to Wednesday’s turmoil after posted a graphic video on Instagram which showed the aftermath of a shooting that left female protester, Ashli Babbit of San Diego, dead.

Hansen identifies himself as an independent journalist.

Tayler Hansen Age

Tayler Hansen’s age is still unknown.

Tayler Hansen is among rioters in Capitol

35-year-old Babbit was reportedly shot by Capitol Police as she tried to climb through a window protesters had broken in an effort to get inside congressional chambers.

Hansen posted on Twitter Wednesday night: ‘After Ashli was killed outside the chamber doors— Our elected officials went back to work hours later as if it were nothing, these people don’t represent us. They are EVIL. The sooner you realize that the sooner you’ll realize how much trouble our Country is in.’

What we know so far about Tayler Hansen

Hansen has made headlines for painting the phrase “BABY LIVES MATTER” on the streets in front of abortion clinics nationwide.

He is a pro-life activist and independent journalist who, according to Christian Post, was beaten once by a group of Antifa and other left-wing rioters in Portland, Oregon. Hansen took to Twitter on Wednesday to detail an attack he suffered at the hands of four violent activists wearing Antifa black bloc attire.

He was even arrested over the weekend along with several Antifa activists, writing on Twitter that he “spent a night in the dog house with those I was there to expose!” Following his release from jail, Hansen returned to the streets of Portland to film the chaos. It didn’t take long for him to become the target of violent protesters.

Tayler Hansen Twitter

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