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Trump Supporter Threatening To Shoot FBI Agents: Suzanne Kaye Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Suzanne Kaye
Suzanne Kaye

Who is Suzanne Kaye?

Suzanne Kaye is a Trump-supporting Florida woman who has been charged after filming herself threatening to ‘shoot’ FBI agents who questioned her over the Capitol riots. Kaye was contacted by the FBI over her ‘visit to DC on January 6’, a criminal complaint filed on Monday revealed.

How old is Suzanne Kaye? Where is she from?

Suzanne Kaye, who is from Boca Raton, Florida, is 58 years old.

Suzanne Kaye & FBI

Following her conversation with the agents, Kaye released a rage-fuelled video of herself chugging Jack Daniels Cinnamon Spice from the bottle while ‘Every Breath You Take’ plays in the background. In the clip, she says she has a right to carry a gun to shoot your f****** a** if you come to my house’.

Poll worker Kaye – who has a history of violence – has been charged with threatening to injure another person.

The FBI first identified Kaye on January 16, 2021, after an anonymous tipster claimed she was at the Capitol during the riots on January 6 and may have more information.  Thousands of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol on that day in a bid to prevent Congress from certifying the results of the 2020 election.

Five people died, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick who was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher.  The official complaint against Kaye does not confirm whether she was at the Capitol during the riot.

Officers first attended her address on January 28.

Suzanne Kaye Boca Raton Fl

Officers first attended her address on January 28.

When she was found to not be there – with officers suspecting the address had been left empty for some time – they called her on the phone.

Kaye denied going to Washington DC but said she knew people who did go. She provided her correct address and agreed to speak to agents at her home as she could not drive. But on February 8, the FBI received another tip about a video titled ‘F*** the FBI!!’ posted to Facebook on Kaye’s account Angry Patriot Hippie – in which she threatened to ‘shoot’ officers who came to her home.

The video was shared on January 31 on Facebook – where it has since been deleted – Instagram and TikTok. In the video, she says: ‘Hi, all my TikTok patriot friends. I’m here to let you know I need a drink.

‘Just got a call from the FBI and they want to come to talk to me about my visit to DC on January 6th.

‘I told them “I’m not gonna talk to you unless I have counsel, and being that I can’t afford counsel right now, you’re gonna have to arrest me so I can exercise my rights to counsel”.’

She adds: ‘You think I’m gonna let you come talk to me?’

‘I’m an American. I know my f****** rights. My First Amendment rights to free speech, my Second Amendment right to carry a gun to shoot your f****** a** if you come to my house.’

‘ So f*** you, f*** you following me. I don’t f****** care. I’m glad you know who I am mother f*****.’

Kaye has a history of violence and was arrested for domestic battery in 2010.

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