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Who is London Terror Attack Suspect: Sudesh Amman Biography, Wiki, Age, Identification, Attack, Death, Victims and Investigation Reports

Sudesh Amman
Sudesh Amman

Sudesh Amman Biography – Wiki

Sudesh Amman is identified as the London terror attacking suspect who is responsible for stabbing two people in the Streatham area of south London on Sunday, London Police confirmed.

He was 20 years old.

Sudesh Amman Identification

“Although the suspect has not been formally identified, given the circumstances of the incident, we are confident that he was Sudesh Amman“, Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi announced.
Police earlier called the attack a terrorist incident believed to be “Islamist-related.”

Sudesh Amman Shot Dead by Police After Three Injuries

According to the police force, the incident occurred in the Streatham neighborhood of south London, a bustling residential area that doesn’t boast any major British landmarks like areas hit by earlier attacks.

Amman is believed to be the suspect who was wearing a “hoax device” attached to his body who stabbed down two people at Streatham High Road before armed officers shot him down.
According to a source in the UK government received by CNN, the suspect had been recently released from prison in the last few days after being behind bars for about three-year sentence on the counts of providing extremist material. Authorities confirmed he was to be released with strict licensing conditions, including a curfew, and he was kept under surveillance.

Sudesh Amman Victims

According to the initial reports, two people were wounded, but then increased to three people.

Three people, including the two stabbing victims and one who was hit by glass after a police fired, were taken to nearby hospitals, after sustaining some life-threatening and minor injuries, police confirmed.

Investigation Reports

The attack on Sunday came just two months after two people were stabbed on London Bridge by a man who had recently been released from prison.

Stephen Roberts, a former deputy commissioner for the Metropolitan Police said if the facts show the stabbings were carried out by a “self-starter,” it meant that any city in the country was vulnerable at any time to a similar sort of low-tech attack.

Ambulances could be seen moving in the area as police cordoned off nearby streets. The U.S. Embassy in London warned and asked people to avoid the area.



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