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Passengers Trying To Save Man on United flight: Steven Chang Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Steven Chang Biography — Wiki

New video footage has emerged showing passengers, including Steven Chang, desperately trying to save the life of a man who died of COVID-19 on a United Airlines flight last week, as they reveal they are yet to be contacted by health officials nine days after the ordeal.

Isaias Hernandez, 69, died of coronavirus and acute respiratory failure on December 14, while traveling to LA from Orlando on UA flight 591, a coroner confirmed on Tuesday.  Hernandez, who was from Los Angeles, went into cardiac arrest mid-flight and died in a Louisiana hospital after the plane made an emergency landing in New Orleans.

Steven Chang and Tony Aldapa performed CPR on Isaias Hernandez

A new video of the incident shared on Wednesday shows fellow passengers risking catching the virus themselves as they desperately performed CPR on Hernandez for about 45 minutes.  Passenger Steven Chang, who was one of three CPR-trained professionals onboard, was filmed giving chest compressions to the man as he lay on the aisle of the Boeing 737-900 in full view of other concerned travelers.

According to TMZ, Steven Chang has developed symptoms since the flight but has tested negative for the virus.

It comes after another passenger, Tony Aldapa, an EMT who also helped perform the life-saving procedure on Hernandez, revealed he has also started showing symptoms of COVID-19. But neither of the men – nor any of the other nearby passengers – have been contacted by the CDC since, despite the health authority saying they would work with local health officials to reach out to those who may be at risk for possible exposure or infection.

United Airlines said it’s not responsible for soliciting health advice and confirmed A it had already given the names of all 179 passengers to the CDC. United Airlines has also faced a backlash from passengers who have questioned how Hernandez was allowed on board after showing symptoms of the virus.

What we know so far about Steven Chang

Some said Hernandez’s wife was also overheard on the flight saying he had lost his sense of taste and smell.

TMZ reports that a spokesperson told the outlet they weren’t medical professionals and it is up to the CDC to contact those who may have been exposed.

Aldapa told CBS he feels as if he got ‘hit by a train’ after developing symptoms. ‘I had a cough, my whole body still hurts, I had a headache,’ he told the news station on Tuesday. He was scheduled to get the COVID-19 vaccine this Friday given he is an essential health worker but is now quarantining awaiting the results of his coronavirus test.

Aldapa, who is a US Navy veteran, said the man’s wife later told him that her husband had been suffering from COVID-19 symptoms prior to getting on the flight.

‘She told me he had symptoms, he was short of breath and she just wanted to get him home and they planed on getting tested this week,’ Aldapa said.

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