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Who is Arrested Wisconsin Middle School Teacher: Everything You Need To Know About Stephanie Pudlowski

Stephanie Pudlowski Biography – Wiki

Stephanie Pudlowski is identified as a married Wisconsin language arts teacher who was arrested last week after police say her husband secretly filmed her having s*x with a 16-year-old teen student, who she reportedly took in as her “foster son”.

She is 18 years old.

Stephanie Pudlowski Reportedly Met The school Boy Several Years Ago

Pudlowski reportedly met the school boy several years ago while teaching at James Williams Middle School in Rhinelander, Wisconsin; however police say no s*xual contact occurred between the two on school property. The married teacher is said to have admitted to having s*x with the teen victim after he came to stay at her home last year.

The Daily Mail reports that Stephanie’s husband secretly recorded his wife’s alleged tr*sts with the boy at the home they shared in Oneida County, Wisconsin. Police say the audio and video in question show that the middle school teacher had a s*xual relationship with the teen, whom she took in last year.

According to Oneida, Wisconsin police, the s*xual tr*sts between teacher and teen had been going on for months. Stephanie initially claimed that she closed the boy’s bedroom door because he was a “loud gamer”.

Stephanie Pudlowski Husband File for Divorce

Stephanie’s husband, who filed for divorce on Monday, told authorities he installed cameras in the Oneida, Wisconsin house after suspecting that something s*xual was going on between his teacher wife and their teenage foster child.

Later, Stephanie’s husband, suspicious of illegal s*x by his teacher wife, also placed an audio recorder in the basement, where the foster teen’s bedroom was located, according to WJFW in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Stephanie Pudlowski Recordings

The criminal complaint against the teacher states that the audio recordings did depict some inappropriate s*xual activity between the guardian and teen foster son, which occurred in Oneida, Wisconsin as often as “a couple of times a week over the last month.”

Stephanie Pudlowski Interview

In an interview with officers, Stephanie said the teenager never asked for the s*xual contact, and the teacher failed to answer police when asked if the child ever said no, WJFW in Rhinelander, Wisconsin reports.

Stephanie Pudlowski Arrest

The 38-year-old disgraced teacher is charged by Wisconsin authorities with s*xual assault of a child placed in substitute care, s*xual intercourse with a child age 16 or older and causing mental harm to a child, according to online records detailing her liaisons with the teen boy.

Stephanie was arrested at about 8:20pm on Friday, May 15, according to the Wausau Daily HeraldTYT, part of the USA Today network of newspapers.

Stephanie Pudlowski Court Apperance

Stephanie Pudlowski appeared in Oneida Co., Wisconsin court on May 18, where she was released on a $5,000 signature bond. The middle school teacher, now charged with serious s*x crimes with a teen, will appear in Oneida Co. court again on June 15.

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