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Who is Chudier Thowath Pal’s Girlfriend: Stephanie Lee Robinson Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Stephanie Lee Robinson Biography — Wiki

Stephanie Lee Robinson was the girlfriend of pro basketball player Chudier Thowath Pal who allegedly murdered his mother-of-five girlfriend Robinson and mumbled a bizarre statement about being a ‘real human being’ while fronting court.

Chudier Thowath Pal was arrested after his girlfriend Stephanie Lee Robinson was found dead in a home in Doubleview, northern Perth at about 7.15 am on Saturday.

Stephanie Lee Robinson Age

Stephanie Lee Robinson was 30 years old at the time of death.

Stephanie Lee Robinson, mom-of-five, killed by boyfriend Chudier Thowath Pal

The semi-professional basketballer, who shared the home with the 30-year-old, was charged with murder on Sunday after the house was ‘suspiciously’ burned down. Mr. Pal, from Kenya, appeared in Northbridge Magistrate’s Court on Sunday where he made a series of odd remarks under his breath.

‘I’m alive because I’m a real human being,’ he said during the brief hearing, before later mentioning the words ‘ self-defense’, The West Australian reports.

Mr. Pal’s lawyer argued his client may be suffering from psychosis and asked for the matter to postponed so he could undergo a mental health assessment.  The court also heard that upon his arrest, an officer overheard Mr. Pal mumbling about a ‘galaxy inside his head and a neutron star for a father’.

Ms. Robinson’s mother Nyomie said her first-born daughter died an ‘incomprehensible’ and ‘horrendous’ death.

Nyomi claimed she was told two fires had been deliberately lit either before, during, or after her daughter died.

What we know so far about Stephanie Lee Robinson: Kids

Mr. Pal lived in the house on and off for months but wasn’t on the lease. Ms. Robinson’s aunt Kyra Robinson said she suffered substance abuse issues and had been in many violent relationships, but she ‘still had a good heart’.

‘She made bad choices but she was a good person. She was always blaming herself for her bad choices and not being there for her kids,’ she said.

Just two days before her death, Ms. Robinson told her mother she wanted to get her life back on track and make a fresh start. Ms. Robinson’s four younger kids still don’t know their mother is dead, however, her eldest, 12-year-old Duncan, has been told.

The doctor who treated Mr. Pal following his arrest said there were signs of psychosis, the prosecuting officer told the court.

Mr. Pal will reappear in Perth Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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