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Who is Charged New Hampshire Mom: Stephanie Goddu Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Stephanie Goddu Biography — Wiki

Stephanie Goddu is a New Hampshire mother who has been arrested for sending her three-year-old daughter to daycare alone in a Lyft. Goddu allegedly ordered a driver from the ride-share service to pick up her little girl from their home in Manchester last Monday morning.

The three-year-old arrived safely at the Southern NH Services daycare center – located a short distance away – but she was alone with the driver in the vehicle for the duration of the drive.

Stephanie Goddu Age

Stephanie Goddu is 35 years old.

Stephanie Goddu charged with child endangerment

Police did not learn of the incident until Wednesday when Stephanie Goddu failed to pick up the girl from the daycare center that afternoon. Employees were unable to make contact with Goddu via telephone, so police officers called around to her home to check on her.

When they arrived they found the mom inside with her younger child – a three-month-old baby.

Cops noticed the three-month-old ‘covered in urine’ and ‘strapped to an infant carrier seat wearing extremely warm clothing and a blanket’.

According to an update posted on the Manchester Police Department’s Facebook page, Goddu was ‘incoherent and disoriented and had trouble answering questions’. The carrier was reportedly located close to a heater, causing officers to fear that the baby would overheat.

What we know so far about Stephanie Goddu

The Manchester Police Department subsequently launched an investigation into Goddu, during which they learned that her older child – the three-year-old girl – had traveled unaccompanied to the daycare center in a Lyft two days prior.

‘Both the condition of the infant and the unsupervised ride to daycare were cause for police to charge Goddu,’ the police department wrote in their Facebook update.   However, when police returned to the premises last Friday to arrest Goddu she barricaded herself inside her home.

Goddu was eventually detained and taken into custody. She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest.

It is unclear whether she has been released on bond and whether she has been reunited with her children. has reached out to the Manchester Police Department for comment.

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