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Who is ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Rapist: Sola Warikwah Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Sola Warikwah Biography — Wiki

Sola Warikwah is a Securitas patrol officer, described as a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character, who has been jailed for seven years after he raped a woman in a deserted car park when she mistook his vehicle for a taxi. Warikwah attacked the victim in the back of his company car after she mistakenly got in thinking he was a cab driver who had come to collect her in London’s West End.

The woman was thrown out of a nightclub in east London for being sick before heading to Belgravia where she was s*xually assaulted by Warikwah.

Sola Warikwah Age

Sola Warikwah is 39 years old.

Sola Warikwah jailed for seven years after posing as a taxi driver

Sola Warikwah worked as a security patrol manager for contractor Securitas and was tasked with visiting sites and patrolling areas of central London between 7 pm and 7 am each day.

After the 25 minute attack the victim, in her 20s, messaged a friend to say: ‘I’ve been raped. I feel sick. This taxi won’t take me home.’ She later managed to get out of the car and took photographs of her assailant as he walked away. The defendant was arrested at his home two days after the attack.

Warikwah, wearing a blue shirt and turquoise face mask, bowed his head in the dock of Southwark Crown Court as the victim’s impact statement was readout.

He occasionally glanced at his younger sister, who sat in the public gallery to support him.

What the woman says

The woman said in her statement: ‘Since the attack, my life has turned upside down. The battle I’ve had with mind and body since the assault is one the hardest challenges I’ve experienced in my life.

‘I was all about positivity and good energy. I used to be strong-minded, but that seems like a distant memory.’

She said the attack led to ‘some of the darkest moments in my life and I still don’t know I’ll overcome it and be 100% the person who I was before.

‘I didn’t want to be in my own body, on bad days I still don’t. I’ve experienced suicidal thoughts.

She said she is ‘disconnected emotionally and physically’ and finds it ‘difficult to keep my mind strong and healthy.’

Sola Warikwah on CCTV camera

‘You stopped you crossed the road you went to talk to her she walked with you and you drove her off.

‘You drove her around as you visited sights as a part of your job, at one point you were seen on the CCTV to lock the vehicle in which she was inside, you went into the building to carry out your job.

‘There may have been some element of abduction but I’m not even sure she was aware of it.

‘Buy 3.14 have you entered a car park, taking a ticket although you had a permit to go into there, which would have recorded your presence in the car park. You left at 3.39 am, 25 minutes later, you lifted the barrier on your way out so there’s no record of you having been there.’

‘The CCTV on the barriers recorded you and your vehicle.

‘Despite that, you maintain she asked you, a man, for s*x. She said it was painful.’

What we know so far

Sola Warikwah wailed in the dock as he was jailed for seven years.

Earlier his lawyer Tara McCarthy said: ‘He is quite a complex individual.

‘In December 2017 he witnessed a robbery, pursued the person involved and called the police.

‘In July 2017 he witnessed a handbag snatch and retrieved the handbag from the person and called the police.

‘He’s been a witness to robberies in January 2015 and June 2012 and informed the police.’

Warikwah, of Albyn Road, Deptford, denied but was convicted of one count of rape following a week-long trial at Southwark Crown Court in September.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison, banned from being a taxi driver or security guard on his release, and will be subject to an extended licence period of three years.

He was also registered for life as a s*x offender and ordered not to seek or undertake employment which allows him to be driving any vehicle with any female other than a professional colleague or member of his immediate family.

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