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Joe Montana Grandchild’s kidnapper pleads not guilty to the attempted kidnapping

Sodsai Predpring Dalzell

Sodsai Predpring Dalzell is the woman who has reportedly been charged over the attempted kidnapping of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana’s baby granddaughter from his Southern California home.

Pictured: 39-year-old Sodsai Predpring Dalzell

According to a complaint filed by Los Angeles County prosecutors, Dalzell has been charged with felony counts of attempted kidnapping of a child under 14 and burglary.

Sodsai Predpring Dalzell guilty in Joe Montana’s granddaughter kidnapping

Dalzell allegedly broke into their home in the 22100 block of Pacific Coast Highway and entered the property.

Joe Montana told sheriff’s deputies that the nine-month-old baby girl was asleep Saturday in a playpen in his house in Malibu, California when Dalzell he did not know before entered and picked up the child.

Montana and his wife, Jennifer Montana, confronted Dalzell, tried to calm down the situation, and asked her to give back the 9-year-old baby, according to authorities.

After a brief confrontation, Jennifer pried the girl away, and Dalzell fled from the home, authorities said.

Sodsai Predpring Dalzell seen being arrested in the video

Sheriff squad cars were patrolling near the Montanas’ home, in a neighborhood known as ‘Billionaire’s Row’, when they were flagged down by Joe after the attempted kidnapping.

Dalzell filmed while being handcuffed by police

Dalzell was arrested a short time later, as seen in the video obtained by KCAL. Witnesses said the suspect did not put up a fight while being handcuffed.

She appeared in court Tuesday and pleaded not guilty. If convicted Dalzell faces eight years in jail; bail was set at $200,00.

Sodsai Predpring Dalzell Under Investigation

According to detectives, Dalzell was unknown to the Montana family before the attempted kidnapping.

The motive behind the crime is still unclear. However, nobody was hurt.

“Miss Dalzell is extremely apologetic and is very well concerned about the well-being of the family,” Dalzell’s attorney Ayinde Jones said outside of court. “She understands the harm that this has caused the family, friends, and also fans of the Montana family. So our heart goes out to them”.

Montana’s family has not confirmed said who the baby’s parents are.

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