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Former California sheriff’s deputy sentenced to jail for having s*xual affair with a teenage boy

Shauna Bishop

Shauna Bishop is a former member of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office who is allegedly accused of having s*xual relations with the 16-year-old son of her ex-boyfriend boy last year, according to reports.

Pictured: 44-year-old Shauna Bishop

Bishop was a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy in April 2019, shortly after she ended a yearlong relationship with a man who also worked for the department, according to The Mercury News.

Shauna Bishop’s Relationship with the teenage boy

The ex-husband of Bishop confirmed to hear that he was not comfortable with the way Bishop behaved around their 16-year-old son, according to The Mercury News.

However, Bishop kept being on friendly terms with the 16-year-old boy’s mother, who then invited Bishop to her home to speak to the boy about his drinking and marijuana use, according to court documents.

On April 28, 2019, Bishop was invited to spend the night at the ex-wife’s home.

When the boy’s mother fell asleep, Bishop secretly went to the boy’s bedroom and engaged in oral s*x with him, according to authorities. Two weeks later, the boy told his 19-year-old sister, who then told her mother.

The mother then notified Folsom police.

In June 2019, Bishop was arrested.

As part of a plea agreement, she agreed to plead guilty in July to unlawful s*xual conduct with a minor.

In addition to jail time, Bishop will be placed on five years of probation and have to perform 180 hours of community service. She will also be required to register as a s*x offender.

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