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Alaska Dentist Filmed Riding HOVERBOARD While Extracting a Patient’ Tooth

Seth Lookhart

Seth Lookhart is an Alaska dentist accused of pulling out a patient’s tooth while riding on a hoverboard in a video has been sentenced to 12 years in jail, according to a statement from the Alaska Department of Law.

Lookhart filmed riding a hoverboard

The 35-year-old dentist joked about the hoverboard stunt in a video he sent to friends, and messages showed him bragging that nobody would ever uncover his crimes.

Seth Lookhart Filmed Riding HOVERBOARD While Extracting a Patient’s Tooth

CNN confirmed an Alaska dentist was convicted on 46 felony and misdemeanor counts in January, including medical assistance fraud, scheme to defraud, illegal practice of dentistry, and reckless endangerment.

In the alleged video, Lookhart balanced on the board while extracting a patient’s tooth before cheerfully zooming away into the corridor. He also joked about the procedure being a ‘new standard of care’.

Later, investigators discovered the patient, Veronica Wilhelm, who was sedated and had no idea about the hoverboard stunt. She testified in court last year and was ‘pretty livid’ when she found what had happened.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Paul Stockler apologized to Wilhelm for the dentist’s actions.

Lookhart seen extracting a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard

Lookhart confessed to carrying out the hoverboard procedure but denied medical fraud.

Seth Lookhart’s $1.9 Million Medical Fraud

Lookhart had denied the Medicaid fraud of which he was eventually convicted in January.

The $1.9 million medical fraud reach investigators in 2016 when a former employee told the state that Lookhart was profiting by performing more IV sedation than needed.

According to prosecutors, Lookhart ‘placed his patients at substantial risk of serious physical injury’ by pressuring them into unnecessary sedation. None of his billings had the proper justification, with the dentist giving vague and unacceptable reasons such as ‘comfort’ and ‘anxiety’, the state said.

A lawsuit filed by the state in 2017 charged Lookhart with “unlawful dental acts,” saying his patient care did not meet professional standards.

Seth Lookhart Under Investigation

A lawsuit filed by the state in 2017 charged Lookhart with “unlawful dental acts,” saying his patient care did not meet professional standards.

The dentist also schemed to cut out his partners by billing Medicaid under a different provider identification and having payments sent directly to his home. Medicaid paid him about $1.9million for IV sedation services since he obtained an intravenous sedation license in 2015, prosecutors said.

Lookhart apologized for his actions while reading from a prepared statement after being sentenced on Monday to serve 20 years behind bars with 8 years suspended, a statement read.

He also cannot practice dentistry during his 10 years of probation.

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