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Indian Father Cuts and Carries Daughter’s Head: Sarvesh Kumar Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Sarvesh Kumar
Sarvesh Kumar

Who is Sarvesh Kumar?

Sarvesh Kumar is a father-of-four who decapitated his 17-year-old daughter and carried her head through the streets because he did not approve of her boyfriend. Residents spotted Sarvesh walking with the head in the Indian village of Pandetara, Uttar Pradesh yesterday.

He was on his way to a police station after cutting off his daughter’s head as part of an honor killing.

Sarvesh Kumar Daughter

Kumar admitted to beheading his daughter with a sharp object as he was unhappy with the relationship she was in, NDTV reports. As Kumar, a vegetable seller from Pandetara village, made the one-mile walk from his home to the police station, local passersby alerted the police, who stopped him and began to film him.

“He told police he had seen his daughter with a young man that he believes she was seeing, which made him angry as he was against it,” the spokesperson added.

Sarvesh Kumar Uttar Pradesh

Police in India’s northern Uttar Pradesh state has arrested Kumar who has also reportedly confessed to beheading his teenage daughter. Kumar was arrested as he was walking toward a police station in Hardoi district on Wednesday night, carrying the severed head of his 17-year-old daughter.

“He was making his way on foot to the police station to confess what he had done,” a spokesperson for Hardoi Police told CNN on Friday.

During this time, according to the police spokesperson, Kumar told authorities about his daughter’s relationship, saying he had found her alone at home, locked her in a room and severed her head using a knife.

“Considering the situation, he was calm. He wasn’t crying or hysterical. When the policemen were speaking to him, they asked him to place his daughter’s head on the ground and to sit down, which he listened to without arguing back,” the police spokesperson told CNN.

Sarvesh Kumar Video

Footage shows one man searching the father as he checks his clothing.

Police officers ask the man his name, where the head is from and whose head it was. Kumar admitted to beheading his daughter with a sharp object as he was unhappy with the relationship she was in, NDTV reports.

Sarvesh Kumar Daughter Video

‘I did it. There was no one else. I closed the latch and did it. The body is in the room’, he said.

He also claimed that he would have killed her lover too had he been able to find him.

Kumar was arrested by police and taken into custody. His wife has since been arrested.

Sarvesh Kumar Head

Kumar is currently in custody where he continues to be questioned, the spokesperson added. A list of charges will be compiled once the investigation has been completed. He will have access to a public lawyer once he has been formally charged, and he will remain in custody until the trial, police said.

Police found the body of his daughter at the family home and have sent it for a post-mortem examination.

An officer has been suspended as he was pictured carrying the head ‘inappropriately’, according to local media reports.

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