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Woman Hits Children After Positive COVID Test: Sarah Boone Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Sarah Boone Biography — Wiki

Sarah Boone is an Arizona mother who was arrested after she allegedly assaulted her children because they weren’t wearing face masks after testing positive for coronavirus.  Boone was arrested on December 26 and charged with three felony counts of child abuse. She also faces misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, assault and disorderly conduct, stemming from her arrest.

Court documents revealed that officers arrived at Boone’s home after receiving a report that she had assaulted three of her children, ages five to 14, according to 12 News.

Sarah Boone Age, Children

Sarah Boone, of Wickenburg, Arizona, has not revealed her age but she has three children.

Sarah Boone hits her three children after they tested positive for COVID

The caller alleged that Sarah Boone had struck one of the kids in the face with an open hand, kicked another child who was on the ground and then picked up the third child by their neck. The caller claimed that Boone had done these things because the kids weren’t wearing masks after they tested positive for coronavirus.

Authorities said that Boone was found walking down a street after she had left her home while police were en route.

The court documents said that Boone didn’t respond to instructions when police officers approached her and that she resisted when officers tried to arrest her. This resulted in officers having to take her to the ground and also using a taser on her.

What we know so for about Sarah Boone

Police told 12 News that Sarah Boone was intoxicated at the time and that the children didn’t need to go to the hospital following the alleged assault.

Police also said that they had been called to Boone’s home three times this year regarding prior incidents involving the same three children.

In September, police said that Boone was arrested on similar charges to those she is facing from the December 26 arrest.

During the September 20 incident, Boone was accused of assaulting her children, leaving two with red marks and scratches on their necks and chests, the Wickenburg Sun reported.  The children’s injuries – as well those on Boone’s hand – were photographed by police. The children were said to have refused medical treatment.

It’s unclear when Boone was released from jail, but in November, police were called to her home twice on domestic violence reports regarding the children.

Boone was being held on a $5,000 bond as of Wednesday and told not to initiate contact with her children released on that bond.

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