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What You Don’t Know About TikTok Viral Star: Samantha Hartsoe Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Samantha Hartsoe
Samantha Hartsoe

Who is Samantha Hartsoe?

Samantha Hartsoe is a woman from New York who has gone viral on TikTok after finding a hidden room behind the bathroom mirror in her NYC apartment. She’s documented her creepy story in a four-part TikTok series, and it’s gone viral on social media, racking up over 15 million views.

She started posting TikTok’s in February and has already accumulated almost 600,000 followers. In her bio, she says she loves dancing, adventures and storytelling, but not much is known about her job or background.

How old is Samantha Hartsoe?

Samantha Hartsoe is 26 years old.

New York

Last week, Samantha was just an ordinary person, but now she’s an internet sensation after she found a hidden room behind the mirror in her NYC apartment.

Secret Apartment Behind Mirror

TikTok Samantha Hartsoe Apartment

Samantha has been shot into the limelight after she uploaded a four-part series to TikTok where she shared the very creepy story of how she found a hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror.


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In part one of the series, she told watchers that her NYC apartment was always really cold and she wanted to try and find out why. After checking a hole in the wall and an air vent and finding nothing, she concluded that the wind must be coming from the mirror.

This is where it gets creepy. She then moved the mirror to find a small hole behind it that led to a hidden room.

Samantha Hartsoe Part 2

After enlisting the help of some friends and finding a face mask, hammer and torch, she bravely climbed through the hole and found that it wasn’t just a hidden room, it was actually a whole three-bedroom apartment.

It was obviously in the process of being renovated before it was abandoned, and she found that there were “some signs of life” including some trash bags and a bottle of water, but thankfully no squatters.

Samantha Hartsoe Part 3

In part 3, she continued walking around the hidden apartment and eventually found its front door which she promptly locked and returned to her own apartment to place the mirror back over the hole.

“I was kind of expecting there to be somebody, especially with the water bottle being there,” she told Curbed. “And that definitely put me on edge.”

Samantha Hartsoe Part 4

Part four of the series was uploaded just 24 hours ago, and at the end of the video Samantha said: “My landlord’s going to get a really fun phone call tomorrow.” So, we can only assume that the landlord will be making a visit to the apartment in the coming days to investigate the hole, and probably get it boarded up.

“I think everybody in New York has such small apartments, you don’t know what you’re going to find and everyone’s hoping for more space,” Hartsoe said.

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