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Britain’s Youngest Terrorist Freed From Prison: RXG Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

RXG Biography — Wiki

RXG, whose real name has not been made public yet, is Britain’s youngest terrorist who planned to behead police officers at an Anzac Day parade and is being freed from jail.  The terrorist was just 14 when he told Sevdet Besim, 18, to carry out the massacre at the parade in Melbourne.

He exchanged more than 3,000 encrypted mobile app messages with Besim after he became swiftly radicalized by online Islamic State propaganda.


RXG, from Blackburn in Lancashire, is 20 years old.

Everything You Need To Know About RXG

They also discussed packing a kangaroo with explosives, painting it with an Islamic State symbol and setting it loose on police officers. RXG was jailed for life at Manchester Crown Court in October 2015 after he admitted inciting terrorism overseas.

He is among a group of child offenders, including the killers of the toddler James Bulger, to be granted lifelong anonymity by the High Court.

Today the Parole Board said RXG, who is now 20, was, ‘suitable for release’.

In a document detailing the decision, the Parole Board said: ‘After considering the circumstances of his offending, the progress made while in detention, and the evidence presented at the hearings, the panel was satisfied that RXG was suitable for release.’

At the age of just 14, the teenager took on the role of ‘organizer and adviser’ and suggested beheading or using a car to kill officers.

He was recruited online by ISIS propagandist Abu Khaled al-Cambodia.

What we know so far

Over nine days in 2015, he sent thousands of messages to 18-year-old Sevdet Besim, instructing him to kill police officers at the remembrance parade in Melbourne. The teenager, who was moved to a school for troubled children, was nicknamed ‘The Terrorist’ by classmates and showed pupils footage of beheadings on his phone.

RXG also made a list of four teachers he wanted to behead and told one teacher he would, ‘cut his throat and watch him bleed to death’.

Aged 13, he told fellow pupils that Osama bin Laden was his ‘hero’ and that he wanted to die fighting as a martyr. RXG amassed some 24,000 followers and was on the radar of security services for around a year before his arrest.

When officers raided his family’s home in Lancashire they found a combat knife and an ISIS flag.

He had used his phone to search for ‘martyrdom operations’ and explosives and identified potential targets including Blackburn Cathedral and the offices of BAE Systems. Australian police were alerted to the plot after British officers discovered material on the teenager’s phone.

An assessment carried out in mid-2018 by forensic psychologist Dr. Louise Bowers stated: ‘RXG appears to have left his ‘terrorist identity’ behind and he is well on the way to developing a new stable and pro-social identity.’

Despite turning 18 two years ago, he is currently in a young offender’s institution, and he was diagnosed as autistic after his conviction.

RXG is likely to be heavily monitored and will face tough restrictions – such as being banned from using the internet.

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