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Who is Kennesaw Capitol Hill Rioter: Roseanne Boyland Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Roseanne Boyland Biography — Wiki

Roseanne Boyland was one of the three Trump fanatics who reportedly died during Wednesday’s mob attack on the Capitol as one died from a heart attack, another from stroke and another being trampled in the Rotunda. The three other people who died during the riots on Capitol Hill were identified by police on Thursday.

Boyland, from Georgia, Kevin Greeson, from Alabama and Benjamin Phillips, from Pennsylvania, all died on Wednesday.

Roseanne Boyland Age

Roseanne Boyland was 34 years old at the time of death.

Roseanne Boyland died in the Capitol after being trampled

Roseanne Boyland was ‘trampled in the Rotunda’, her family told on Thursday after police she had been potentially ‘crushed’ in the mob. Meanwhile, Benjamin Phillips, a computer programmer who traveled to DC with dozens of other Trump fans from Pennsylvania, suffered a stroke.

At the same time, Kevin Greeson, who had high blood pressure, suffered a heart attack ‘in the midst of the excitement’, his family said. Capitol Police were seen performing CPR on her at 5 pm after she collapsed. She was pronounced dead in the hospital a little before 6 pm.

It’s unclear if the two men were among the violent mob who stormed the building like she was.

Another woman – 35-year-old air force veteran Ashli Babbitt – was shot dead by Capitol police.

What we know so far about Roseanne Boyland

Roseanne’s family in Georgia told on Thursday that it was the first Trump event she ever attended. She’d been hesitant to go and her relatives say they tried to dissuade her.  She traveled to DC on Tuesday night and had planned to ‘hang back’ but was emboldened by Trump’s speech, her relatives said.

What Roseanne Boyland family says

‘She just really just believed in Trump and that’s it.

‘This was her first one. She wasn’t even supposed to go… we all didn’t want her to go. She was hanging back and then after the speech yesterday…

‘They’re still working on [the details]. Someone said she was trampled, others said she collapsed…. we’re still trying to figure it out,’ the relative said.

Her brother-in-law, Justin Cave, said the rally cost her her life. He blames Trump for her death.

‘Roseanne, like a lot of people there, was really passionate about her beliefs as was her right.

‘I personally believe that the President incited a riot that cost four of his biggest fans their lives. One of them happened to be my sister.

In a statement that he read aloud, he said: ‘Our family is devastated by the loss of Roseanne. She was a wonderful sister, daughter, and aunt. Anyone who knew her knows how compassionate she was. ‘Tragically, she was and it cost her her life,’ he said.

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