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Who is Arrested California Caregiver – Rima Abikaram Wikipedia

Rima Abikaram

Rima Abikaram is identified as the California caregiver who was arrested this week over elder abuse after being caught on video striking a 91-year-old bedridden woman more than 150 times, according to police.

The elderly woman suffered facial swelling, a black eye and a laceration to one of her arms after Abikaram’s brutality , a report says

50-year-old Abikaram, who is a Fullerton citizen, was one of two women hired in 2015 to provide 24/7 care to the bedridden senior, according to a Costa Mesa Police  Department.

Rima Abikaram Footage of Striking Bedridden Woman

At some point, the other caregiver noticed that the 91-year-old Jane Doe had several visible injuries and expressed concern to the woman’s family, police said.

That prompted them to install a hidden camera in her home to monitor the situation.

“Ultimately, the hidden camera revealed that Abikaram abusing and striking the victim brutally”, Fox News was reported.

The video footage was arraigned by the police from the residence and found that Abikaram had repeatedly hit the victim over a period of four days, striking her more than 150 times, according to officials.

Rima Abikaram Under Investigation

The alleged abuse happened over a four-day period after the elderly victim’s family set up a hidden camera in the victim’s Costa Mesa home, where she receives 24-hour care, the station reported.

Medical reports said Jane Doe “the bedridden woman” suffered a number of injuries including a black eye, swelling to her face and a laceration to her arm, FOX 11 of Los Angeles reported.

Abikaram was arrested without incident at her home on Tuesday. She was booked into jail and then released the following day after posting bond, according to inmate records.

After the arrest, the case was turned over to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, the report said.

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