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Renee Steinaker: the flight attendant, Renee Steinaker’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Southwest Airlines, Lawsuit, and Facts You Need to Know

Renee Steinaker Biography

Renee Steinaker is a southwest flight attendant. She has reportedly sued Southwest and two pilots, alleging that they live-streamed the plane’s restroom and that the airlines continue to let the pilots fly.

Renee Steinaker Age

Renee Steinaker is 43 years old.

Renee Steinaker Husband

Renee Steinaker married David Steinaker, who is also a flight attendant.

Renee Steinaker and David Steinaker work as flight as flight attendants
Renee Steinaker and David Steinaker work as flight attendants

News Key Points

  • Renee Steinaker claims two pilots were live-streaming video from the airplane’s bathroom onto an iPad in the cockpit
  • The Southwest Airlines flight attendant claims the incident happened on Flight 1088 in February 2017 
  • Steinaker says the airline told her and other crew members to not tell anyone about the incident  
  • Steinaker and her husband have filed a lawsuit against the pilots involved and Southwest Airlines
  • The Steinakers say the airline targeted by stalking and an increase in performance audits them after the incident 

A Southwest flight attendant claims two pilots were live-streaming footage from the airplane’s bathroom onto an iPad in the cockpit in a lawsuit against the company.

The federal lawsuit was filed for the District of Arizona, claiming that Arizona based flight attendant, Renee Steinaker, figured out the illegal act in February 2017.

The incident occurred on Flight 1088 between Pittsburgh and Phoenix.

The Arizona Republic reports that two hours into the flight, pilot Capt. Terry Graham asked Steinaker to come to the cockpit so he could use the restroom.

Renee Steinaker Lawsuit

The lawsuit filed by Renee Steinaker claimed that while she was working on a flight between Pittsburgh and Phoenix, she was asked to enter the cabin so that one of the two pilots could leave to use the bathroom. The request was not unusual, because Southwest policy requires that two people be in the cabin at all times, according to Steinaker’s lawsuit.

Crew member Renee Steinaker revealed the shocking incident, which reportedly took place on a Southwest Airlines flight between Pittsburgh and Phoenix, in a lawsuit against the airline.

The lawsuit stated that, on February 27, 2017, Steinaker was working on flight 1088 when the pilot Captain Terry Graham asked him to enter the cabin in order to use the bathroom. Southwest Airlines’ policy requires two crew members in the cabin at all times.

Lawsuit Points

  • Steinaker said that the incident took place when a pilot went to the bathroom. Acording to The airline’s policy, two people are supposed to be in the cabin at all times, so Steinaker entered.
  • He noticed an iPad mounted on the windshield that broadcast what appeared to be a live broadcast from the plane’s bathroom, which the pilot had just entered, Steinaker’s lawsuit said.
  • She claimed that the co-pilot who remained in the cabin seemed ‘in panic’ and said the video was part of a new top-secret security measure. She did not believe him and reported the incident to the airline.
  • Steinaker and her husband, who is also a flight attendant, claimed that managers have hampered and monitored them in a ‘threatening and strange way’ since they reported the incident.
  • Southwest Airlines did not comment on the lawsuit, but told The Arizona Republic in a statement that it does not place cameras in the bathrooms.

Renee Steinaker Faces ‘DENY’

David Steinaker claimed that co-pilot Ryan Russell and pilot Captain Terry Graham are the victims of retaliation after going to airline officials. 

According to the couple, the airline engaged to lower down them and other crew members.

They say they were stalked and given random drug and alcohol testing.

Goldman said: “In my view, Southwest Airlines has treated this as ‘how dare they report it’ rather than ‘thank you for letting us know’.”

Southwest Airlines released an assertion to the Arizona Republic denying that their planes have cameras in the bathrooms.


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