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Music Producer Dies of COVID in Jail: Phil Spector Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Cause of Death, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Phil Spector Biography — Wiki

Phil Spector is a gun-mad pop genius who created the greatest pop music ever recorded. Hear his songs once and their dense, immense sound, layered with countless harmonies, is unforgettable – Be My Baby by The Ronettes or River Deep, Mountain High by Ike and Tina Turner. Of all the giant hits throughout the Sixties produced by Spector, with his hallmark ‘Wall of Sound’, perhaps the finest is You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ by the Righteous Brothers.

Phil Spector Age, Net Worth

Phil Spector’s age has not been publicly announced yet. His net worth is not made public as of 2021.

Obituary: Phil Spector Death and Cause of Death

Phil Spector died yesterday aged 81 from complications linked to a Covid infection. He has been acknowledged in the music business for six decades as a genuine genius. Yet for almost as long, he has been regarded as the most hated man in pop.

When he died, he was serving a jail sentence of 19 years to life for the killing of an actress at his California home.

Spector claimed Lana Clarkson was playfully kissing the barrel of his revolver when it was accidentally discharged, in 2003. A pathologist found bruising on the 40-year-old’s tongue, indicating the weapon was forced into her mouth.

After a murder hearing ended in a mistrial in 2007, Spector was found guilty two years later of second-degree murder, the US term for manslaughter.

Few who knew the producer were surprised. He had a reputation for gunplay in the recording studio, threatening musicians and stars at pistol point if they failed to obey his instructions to the note.

Songwriter Leonard Cohen, who recorded with Spector in 1977, said that during one late-night session, an argument about the phrasing of a line became so acrimonious that the producer marched out of his booth and held a gun to Cohen’s head until he performed it to his liking.

That wasn’t the only time the Canadian singer and poet found himself a heartbeat away from being shot.

On another night, Spector weaved across the studio with a pistol in one hand and a bottle of red wine in the other. He flung an arm across Cohen’s shoulder, pulled him tight and shoved the gun barrel against his neck. ‘I love you, Leonard,’ he said.

‘I hope you do,’ Cohen replied.

What we know so far about Phil Spector

Lennon was recording his 1975 covers album Rock ‘n’ Roll when Spector pulled his revolver from its hip holster and fired shot inches from the ex-Beatle’s head, into the control room ceiling. A shaken Lennon snapped: ‘Phil if you’re going to kill me, kill me. But don’t f*** with my ears. I need them.’

Punk bass player Dee Dee Ramone tried to leave the studio after a 12-hour session during which Spector refused to record anything but one chord, played endlessly. The producer aimed his revolver at the bassist’s chest – then deftly stripped and reassembled the gun without ever breaking eye contact.

It sometimes seemed that Spector had pulled a gun on every leading artiste in the business.

When Blondie’s Debbie Harry approached him about producing a comeback album for her, he took out a handgun, stuck it into the top of her boot and said: ‘Bang!’ After that, Harry said, she couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.

Spector claimed his obsession with firearms began in his teens after he was beaten up by a gang.

The guns were for protection, he said. But that was far too simple an answer for a man of deep and complex insecurities, who wore two-inch heels to boost his 5’5” height and took medication for schizophrenia even though he had not been diagnosed with the illness.

Days before the killing of Lana Clarkson, he gave his first interview for 25 years and blamed his mental instability on the fact that his parents were first cousins.

Phil Spector early life, education, family

Born in New York on Boxing Day, 1940, he moved with his family to Los Angeles as a toddler.

Tragedy struck when he was eight: his father Ben set off for work, as usual, one morning, but pulled off the road, fed a hosepipe from the exhaust to the driver’s window, and gassed himself to death.

He formed a high school rock ‘n’ roll band, The Teddy Bears, and recorded it, landing his first No1 hit in 1958. The song became a cover favourite, recorded by artists from Nancy Sinatra and Emmylou Harris to The Beatles and Amy Winehouse.

Spector sang harmonies on that original version, but he soon realized his talent was for shaping sounds, not making them.

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