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Who is Abusive Thug: Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan Biography — Wiki

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan is an abusive thug who has been jailed for four years for beating, strangling and threatening his ex-girlfriend with a machete knife in a two-year campaign of domestic violence that escalated during the lockdown.

Richards-Keegan was sentenced to four years in jail and given a 10-year restraining order preventing him from contacting his former partner.

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan Age

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan, from Aberystwyth, Wales, is 24 years old.

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan

Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan’s ex-girlfriend, Seren, 31, from Cardiff, who wishes not to reveal her surname, has bravely spoken out about how she suffered at the hands of her abusive boyfriend who tormented her with violent, cruel attacks.

She said she felt unable to leave the relationship and suffered beatings and threats including once when Richards-Keegan brandished a machete knife saying it would ‘go through’ her. The abuse continued until the neighbors called the police on August 22, after Seren ran out of the house with blood dripping from her mouth and her clothes ripped as Richards-Keegan beat her against the fence.

She said her relationship with the 24-year-old started in July 2018 and was ‘amazing’ in the first five or six months. But from that point onwards, she fell victim to Richards-Keegan who imparted a ‘serious pattern of violence’ on her, which got worse through the lockdown period of the pandemic.

Seren, originally from Cardiff, said she felt under his control and unable to leave the relationship – every time she tried, Richards-Keegan threatened her until she agreed to stay.

She has now decided to tell the full story of her horrific treatment to make sure no other woman suffers at the hands of her ex-partner – and that it will also help others going through the same situation to seek help. In January, Seren started taking pictures of the injuries Richards-Keegan inflicted on her, to build evidence against him.

She said: ‘I was living in fear day and night and every time I tried to leave he would threaten me.

‘I took photos and videos as he used to tell me all the time that he would kill me and put my body up the lakes. I will never ever trust a man again.’

Richards-Keegan stood in front of Swansea Crown Court on December 22.

Hanna George, prosecuting, read out details of Richards-Keegan’s actions towards Seren.

She said: ‘The offenses arose out of the relationship he had with his ex-partner. They were in a relationship for approximately two years.

‘It initially started well but after five months, the relationship deteriorated into a violent one. The defendant was controlling throughout the relationship and he isolated her from her family and friends. She felt trapped.

‘A pattern of serious violence against her which escalated through the lockdown period of the pandemic.’

On March 30, Richards-Keegan ‘pulled clumps’ out of Seren’s hair, hit her over her head and spat in her face.

Seren tried to contact the police, but her partner warned her ‘not to say anything’. When Seren asked why he had done that to her, Ms George said Richards-Keegan replied saying ‘it’s what he did’, that he ‘did not love her and did not care’.

On May 30, after a disagreement about the selling of the defendant’s motorbike, Richards-Keegan ‘grabbed [Seren’s] face and pushed her against a wall’.

He beat her to the point that her ‘mouth was full of blood’.

Then on June 19, he again assaulted Seren in bed.

‘He hit her so hard a left-hand print could be found on her lower back,’ prosecuting counsel Ms. George said.

A month later, Richards-Keegan then strangled Seren as she tried to run out of the house to get help – suffering visible marks on her neck. In August, Seren was then threatened with a machete at 1 am when she told Richards-Keegan the relationship was over.

As he brandished the deadly blade, she was told to shut up and sit in the dark in case the police turned up.

Ms. George said Richards-Keegan told Seren that if she screamed, the machete would ‘go through’ her. He then lashed out, beating Seren so savagely her lungs began to hurt. When she begged for mercy, she was told ‘who gives a f***? You are lucky to still be alive’.

On August 22 Seren again mustered the courage to try and leave Richards-Keegan.

After being taken to Bronglais Hospital, Seren – whose weight plummeted to just six stone because of the stress – broke down to doctors as she detailed the horrific physical and mental abuse she had suffered before building up the courage to go to the police.

What we know so far about Paul Robert Morgan Richards-Keegan

Richards-Keegan was arrested and questioned by police.

However, after being taken to Aberystwyth Police Station, he called members of Seren’s family to try put pressure on her to drop the case against him.

His barrister David Singh said his client admitted subjecting his ex-partner to a series of ‘appalling acts’. He said that for the counts he pleaded guilty for he did so at an early stage and that Richards-Keegan had not been charged for violence against a romantic partner previously.

His Honour Judge Huw Rees said Richards-Keegan poses a high risk of harm to women he is in an intimate relationship with.

Richards-Keegan had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault, criminal damage, attempting to pervert the course of justice – the phone call he made from the police station urging family members to contact the victim – and making threats to kill when he appeared in the dock for sentencing.

He was sentenced to a total of four years in prison, he will serve up to half that period in custody before being released on license to serve the remainder in the community.

Richards-Keegan, of Pwllclai, Capel Bangor, Aberystwyth, was also given a 10-year restraining order, preventing him from contacting Seren.

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