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Portland Driver’s Rampage Leaves 1 Dead, 9 Wounded: Paul Rivas Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit

Paul Rivas Portland

Paul Rivas is a Portland driver who went on a deadly rampage n Monday afternoon — killing one person and striking nine others — has been charged with murder and other offenses, according to media reports. He struck several pedestrians across several blocks. He remained in a hospital.

Rivas was charged late Tuesday with murder in the second degree and six counts of assault, Bonnie Silkman, a reporter with FOX 12, posted on Twitter.

Paul Rivas Age

Paul Rivas, of Woodland, Washington, is 64 years old.

Paul Rivas Woodland, Washington

Officers received a call around noon about a witness who reported seeing a car driving at a high rate of speed that almost hit someone. Another call came in an hour later that a vehicle had struck someone.  The driver, later identified as Paul Rivas, crashed and fled on foot.

He was “corralled” by community members and held until the police arrived.

Portland 77-year-old resident Jean Gerich was rushed to a nearby hospital and died from her injuries after the deadly incident. The Oregon State Medical Examiner ruled she died of blunt force trauma and determined the manner of death to be a homicide.

Five others were also taken to hospitals with non-critical injuries, police said. Two of the nine victims were cyclists while the rest were pedestrians.

“The multiple hit and run crashes by the same suspect yesterday were traumatic for our community,” police Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement.

Paul Rivas Oregon City

Investigators have found no evidence that terrorism, politics, or any bias-motivated the rampage of a 64-year-old Oregon man who witnesses said repeatedly drove into people along streets and sidewalks in Portland, Oregon, killing a 77-year-old woman and injuring nine other people, police said.

Police identified the driver as Paul Rivas of Oregon City. He was booked into the Multnomah county detention center on initial charges of second-degree murder, assault, and failure to perform the duties of a driver, Portland police said.

What we know so far about Paul Rivas

Rivas is accused of striking the woman, who was dragged a short distance beneath the wheels of a small SUV and then continuing to drive, hitting other people and vehicles. After the driver fled on foot, neighbors surrounded him until police arrived.

The Oregon state medical examiner determined that Jean Gerich died of blunt force trauma and ruled her death a homicide, according to police. Police released a statement from her family thanking the people at the scene who tried to help her.

“Jean Gerich was not a nameless victim. She was a loving mother of two. She was a proud grandmother of five, ages four to 16. She would have turned 78 in 12 days. She beat cancer five years ago. She received her first vaccination shot last week and was overjoyed to get out in the world again,“ the family said.

Larry Wolfe told the Oregonian newspaper and website that he had an appointment with the woman who was killed and saw her get hit by the car and scream.

Police said Rivas’s actions did show he intended to hit and injure people, but that “detectives did not find evidence that this was an act of terrorism. Detectives did not find bias indicators, nor do they believe this is politically motivated.”

Paul Rivas Woodland Wa

The Oregonian reported that Rivas had a history of driving dangerously, citing court records that show he got his license reinstated in 2014 after being convicted three times for failing to obey traffic signals, in 2007, 2011 and 2013.

Tyler Meyer, who followed Rivas after the latter swerved into his lane, told the media outlet that Rivas was speeding, driving erratically and running red lights. He added that after Rivas crashed, he saw him attempt to fight bystanders and throw potted plants from nearby homes.

“I told him, ‘I think you just killed a lady up the street,’” Meyer said, according to The Oregonian. “He laughed and said, ‘Ah, that’s too bad.’”

The driver hit pedestrian after pedestrian while speeding down residential streets at up to 60mph, a police spokesman, Derek Carmon, said.

Callers to police said someone driving a Honda Element was striking people and vehicles over a 15-block span.

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