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What You Don’t Know About Edinburgh University Professor: Paul McKeigue Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Paul McKeigue
Paul McKeigue

Who is Prof. Paul McKeigue?

Paul McKeigue is an Edinburgh University professor who shared information with a fake Russian spy in a bid to discredit a non-profit group investigating Syrian war crimes.  Epidemiologist McKeigue had been attempting to expose details about the Commission for International Justice and Accountability – which works to collect and preserve evidence of potential crimes committed in Syria.

Professor Paul McKeigue Edinburgh

Mr. Paul McKeigue asked a man he knew as ‘Ivan’ to help him gather evidence that the Cija’s director, Bill Wiley, worked for the CIA, the BBC reported. It later emerged that emails Mr. McKeigue believed to be from ‘Ivan’ were instead written by members of the Cija.

Mr. McKeigue has insisted he did not do anything wrong during the exchange, claiming he ‘kept an open mind’ about who he may have been speaking to.

Throughout the correspondence with ‘Ivan’, he allegedly shared a draft of a critical report into the Cija he had co-authored with two members of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media.

Working Group On Syria, Propaganda and Media

The Working Group, which Mr. McKeigue is also part of, was established to ‘facilitate research into the areas of organized persuasive communication and media coverage, with respect to the 2011-present conflict in Syria including related topics.’

It is understood they dispute that Russia and Syria have committed chemical weapons attacks. The professor had also asked ‘Ivan’ for information about a woman the Cija’s director was alleged to have slept with and asked the apparent Russian spy whether Mr. Wiley was a cocaine user.

Paul McKeigue Edinburgh, Syria

The conversation came about after Mr. McKeigue attempted to contact Mr. Wiley, who recognized the sender’s name and decided not to respond.  The email had told Mr. Wiley that Mr. McKeigue and his colleagues were investigating the Cija.

Hours later, Mr. McKeigue received an email from an anonymous source who said: ‘My office heard from London yesterday that you have some questions about Syria. Perhaps we can help you get to the truth.’

The pair began corresponding about the Cija and Mr. Wiley, and the anonymous sender soon started signing his emails ‘Ivan.’ It was said the fake Russian had made references to his headquarters in Moscow and the English emails had included scattered spelling mistakes.

However, it emerged the emails were written by members of the Cija. It is alleged Mr. McKeigue holds the view that Western NGOs are acting on behalf of the CIA and MI6 to spread false information about the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

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