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What You Don’t Know About D’andra Simmons’ Stepmom: Patsy Callaway Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Patsy Callaway
Patsy Callaway

Who is Patsy Callaway?

Patsy Callaway is widely known as the stepmother of D’Andra Simmons who has always been central to Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives of Dallas’. During the earlier seasons, the housewife was shown battling her mother Mama Dee’s over access to her trust fund and taking over the family business.

Finally, Mama Dee gave in and handed over the business to D’Andra, which significantly improved their relationship.

Simmons decided she wanted to reconnect with her stepmom and brother during the season and decided to reach out to both parties after Patsy told her her brother welcomed a baby. She will meet with her stepmom Patsy for the first time in more than 16 years on the latest season.

D’Andra Simmons Stepmother

In an earlier episode, D’Andra mentioned in passing about her stepfamily. Her biological father reportedly married Patsy after his divorce from Mama Dee. Through that relationship, D’Andra has a stepbrother named Ross.

The housewife also added that she felt closer to her stepmother than her biological mother and that they both shared a great bond.

But when her biological father committed suicide, that ended up souring D’Andra’s relationship with her stepmother and stepbrother.

She revealed that she got into a bitter legal battle over her late father’s will.

He reportedly left two wills, one that left everything to D’andra and another which included her stepmother and brother. “We have a legal battle, and we ripped each other’s throats out, hearts out, everything we had because my father left us in this situation,” she shared in her confessional on ‘RHOD’.

Patsy Callaway Husband

Momma Dee Simmons also revealed some details on her ex. She told the Dallas Observer in 2018 she married Callaway, an eligible Dallas bachelor.

“When I changed my name from Callaway to Simmons, it was because my stepfather had taken care of me,” Simmons said on the same RHOD episode. “My mother was like, ‘You changed your name because you thought it’d be better for you financially.’”


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Patsy Callaway Dallas

Just as things seem to be going well for D’Andra, the reality star received an unexpected message from her stepmother Patsy Callaway, that ended up reopening some past wounds. Turns out D’Andra shares a troubled relationship with her stepmother too. But instead of just burying her head in the sand and pretending like everything is fine, the housewife decided to work actively on mending the relationship with her stepmother.

Just when the filming for ‘RHOD’ Season 5 began, her stepmother reached out to her out of blue to inform her that her stepbrother had a baby.

This ended up opening the door for the housewife to working on fixing that relationship. She left her stepbrother a letter and was hoping to hear back from him, but unfortunately, she never heard back from him. So she reached out to her stepmother and heard back from her.

The two ladies decided to meet and discuss things. Her stepmother didn’t want to be filmed so we couldn’t watch the meeting nor get a peek of Patsy. But Mama Dee described her in great detail before D’Andra met her up.

D’Andra Simmons Patsy Callaway

In her confessional, Mama Dee got very candid and revealed quite a bit about Patsy. Mama Dee revealed that she questioned her ex-husband’s decision to marry Patsy. The Simmons matriarch felt that she was too ‘unattractive’ for Glenn. He reportedly told Mama Dee that he didn’t marry Patsy for her looks.

Mama Dee still reportedly insisted that his new wife get her nose fixed.

Aside from making snide remarks on Patsy’s looks, Mama Dee also attacked her character.

She called Patsy an arrogant and bitter woman who always hurt people. She then proceeded to advise D’Andra to not let her stepmother walk all over her by bringing up the past and instead urged her to stand up for herself and walk away if things got too intense.

But by the end of D’Andra’s meeting with her stepmother, the housewife left knowing that she tried everything in her power to fix that relationship and was surprised to learn that her stepbrother didn’t want to have a relationship with her. Hopefully, things will get better with time.

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