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Who is Queensland Coronavirus Victim – Olivia Muranga Wikipedia

Olivia Muranga tested positive to COVID-19 after arriving in Queensland from Victoria

Olivia Muranga

Olivia Muranga is a Queensland teen who with her sister, Diana Lasu, allegedly lied on their border declarations about where they had been when they arrived in Brisbane from Melbourne via Sydney on July 21.

Olivia Muranga

They sparked coronavirus panic in Queensland, according to police investigations.

Muranga is a cleaner at Parklands Christian College in Park Ridge.

Olivia Muranga Into Coronavirus Illness

Olivia and Lasu felt sick but continued doing their work, socialization, and visits at restaurants and cocktail bars while waiting for their test results – which came positive days later.

They, with 21-year-old Haja Timbo, were reportedly charged with one count each of providing false or misleading documents and fraud over their alleged lies to authorities when they arrived in Brisbane.

The ladies reportedly traveled on Virgin Australia flight 863 from Melbourne to Sydney, to make it appear they hadn’t come from Melbourne.

Shortly afterward, they allegedly boarded flight VA 977 to Brisbane.

Olivia Muranga Under Investigation

Before that, Muranga had allegedly gone to work for two days at Parklands Christian College in Park Ridge, south of the city before calling in sick.

She went to the doctor on Saturday immediately, but she allegedly waited until Monday to do so.

He said his sister waited several days in between experiencing symptoms and getting sick.

Muranga allegedly also visited a Thai restaurant in Springfield on Sunday and a Southbank cocktail bar on Monday.

Muranga and Lasu, as well as one of their immediate family members, on Wednesday, became the first three victims of coronavirus in the Queensland community since May.

However, the test results of the Haja Timbo, who was also involved, has not released yet.

The women could be fined $13,345 or sent to jail for a maximum of five years.

Lasu and Muranga remain in Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital under police guard.

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