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Former Miss World Winner Dies At 81: Norma Cappagli Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, Family, Cause of Death, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Norma Cappagli Biography — Wiki

Norma Cappagli was a former Miss World winner who has died after being run over by a bus in her native Argentina. Cappagli was hit by the bus on December 17 while walking near her home in the capital Buenos Aires, before dying in hospital on Wednesday.

Cappagli was just 21 years old when she won the 1960 Miss World title at a contest held in London – the first Argentine to win the competition.

Norma Cappagli Age

Norma Cappagli was 81 years old at the time of death.

Norma Cappagli Death and Cause of Death

Norma Cappagli had been taken to hospital in a serious condition following the accident, suffering from a skull fracture.

She was placed into an induced coma but died six days later.

Carla Cappagli, the victim’s niece, said: ‘I want to be clear that she died because she was run over, not because of any other reason.

‘COVID-19 did not affect her despite the ongoing pandemic and now she’s dead because of the negligence of the bus driver. We are destroyed.’

The bus driver, whose name has not been revealed but is reportedly aged 28, has been arrested and the vehicle has been seized by the authorities as part of the investigation. Until her accident, she had been living in the neighborhood of Recoleta with her cat and she was well known for her love of animals.

The investigation is ongoing.

What we know so far about Norma Cappagli

Norma Cappagli went on to model for the likes of Armani and Dior, and in 1962 released a song called Sexy World with Italian violinist Armando Sciascia. She also spent time living in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, but in 1989 returned to Argentina to live permanently.

Carla also told the newspaper Infobae that her aunt was taking care of a group of animals living in the local train station.

She added: ‘She had plans, she was wanted to travel to Punta del Este in 2021 with my other aunt if the coronavirus stuff was sorted out.’

Cappagli became the first Argentine to win Miss World and was given a £500 cash prize and a sports car.  She later went on to become a successful model and also recorded a song in 1962 called ‘Sexy World’ that was moderately successful and also ended up being used on a popular TV show.

In a recent interview with Infobae, the woman recalled the events around the contest in London and said that although she received the cash prize. At the end of the 60s, she married an Italian businessman and left the fashion industry to live in Milan and became a journalist working for the Italian magazine Men’s Bazaar.

The former model also lived in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and as she was feeling nostalgic she went back home in 1989.

What else….

Some years ago, Wikipedia stated that the former beauty queen had died, and her niece Carla forced the website to change the page information.

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