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Woman Shot Dead By Abusive Boyfriend: Norge Dominguez Biography, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Norge Dominguez Biography — Wiki

Norge Dominguez is a man who killed his wife Itzell Sanchez in an apparent murder-suicide on Wednesday, allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend, just days before her brother was found dead by her family on Christmas Day. Sanchez was found dead alongside a 21-year-old man – identified online as her boyfriend Norge Dominguez – in a black Ford Mustang that was parked near an apartment complex in west Houston before dawn on Wednesday.

Norge Dominguez Age

Norge Dominguez was 21 years old at the time of death.

Itzell Sanchez shot dead by abusive boyfriend Norge Dominguez

Itzell Sanchez’ mother, Claudia Sanchez, told KTRK-TV that her daughter Sanchez had recently got back together with the 21-year-old, and said he had been physically and emotionally abusive toward her. She spoke of her regret that she had not prevented the reunion – which happened just two days before Itzell’s murder on Wednesday.

Now, just two days later, the family has suffered fresh heartache, with friends announcing online that Itzell’s brother, Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Figueroa has also died.

The details of his death have not been confirmed by authorities.

Norge Dominguez’s Facebook page shows a cover photo that features a selfie of him alongside Itzell Sanchez. ‘I love you,’ Itzell wrote in response to the photo last week. The message included a smiley emoji with three tiny hearts plastered on its face.

Houston Police said that it appeared Itzell was fatally shot by the man before he turned the gun on himself. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

The coroner has yet to officially identify the deceased male.

What we know so far about Itzell Sanchez and Norge Dominguez

Witnesses said they heard screaming as the couple was arguing moments before gunshots rang out, according to investigators. One woman was heard yelling ‘No’ several times before the gunshot was heard, investigators said.

Claudia Sanchez said she is filled with regret for not stepping in more forcefully to shield her daughter from a toxic relationship.

‘I regret that,’ Claudia told KTRK-TV.

‘I will all my life because I saw the signs. I didn’t do anything about it.’

Itzell had briefly broken up with her boyfriend but recently informed her mother that she would be resuming the relationship despite her objections.

She told her mother that she was in love. ‘He would hit her and make her feel guilty for hitting her,’ Claudia said.

‘We kept telling my daughter to stay away from this guy, he’s not good.’

Claudia received a telephone call early on Wednesday asking her to appear at the crime scene in west Houston.

‘I saw two people in those black bags and I said, “Is my daughter in those bags?” and they said yes,’ the bereaved mother said.

Claudia said that Itzell and her boyfriend were both at a party. Soon afterward, they went to an apartment complex where one of Itzell’s friends lived.

Itzell Sanchez GoFundMe

Karina Ramirez, who identifies herself as an older sister of Dominguez, set up a GoFundMe account to help the family pay for funeral expenses.

A separate GoFundMe was set up to help the family pay for Itzell Sanchez’s funeral expenses.

The person who set up that crowdfunding effort posted another GoFundMe page claiming that Itzell’s brother, Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Figueroa, died on Friday.

‘This week, heaven gained two angels,’ Jocelyn Espinoza wrote on GoFundMe.

‘On Wednesday, December 23rd, Itzell and today Friday, December 25th, Jerry.

Anger at Norge Dominguez

In an expletive-filled caption, Espinal expressed anger at Dominguez.

‘Two years ago on the 23rd of this month I started dating Itzell Destiny Sanchez and now two years later on the 23rd yesterday her life got taken from by her weak b**** a** n**** Norge Dominguez,’ he wrote. ‘Espinal said that ‘toxic a** relationships aint worth it, read the signs, no b**** should ever lay hands on you, and I say b**** cuz he aint no man, get balls and fight a n**** we hit back.’

Gabriela Fajardo, a woman who identifies herself as a friend of Itzell Sanchez, also took to Facebook on Wednesday and accused Dominguez of abusing and killing his girlfriend.

‘Lady’s I beg ya please be aware of ya surroundings see the signs listen to the ppl that love ya !!’ Fajardo wrote.

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