hidden hit counter Nickey Duane arrested after r*pe and murder cases, Nickey Duane's Wiki, Age, Profession, Crimes and Much More About Him
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Nickey Duane arrested after r*pe and murder cases, Nickey Duane’s Wiki, Age, Profession, Crimes and Much More About Him

Nickey Duane The Culprit

Nickey Duane Stane, who is 52 years old, is a father, grandfather, and former Lyft driver who was named a prime suspect in the cold case death of Fresno, California college student Debbie Dorian, who was r*ped and then murdered in her apartment in 1996.

Some Facts About Nickey Stane:

1.  Debbie Dorian’s father discovered her body & police say they have a DNA match to Nickey Duane.

2. Nickey Duane worked previously as a left driver & stated that he was divorced.

3. Authorities say genetic DNA testing similar to the Golden State Killer case led them to Nickey Duane Stane.

4. Debbie Dorian was studying economics when she was murdered & retired detectives started investigating the case in 2016.

5. Stane kept off the radar screen of authorities for years.

News Key Points:


A California man, Nickey Stane, arrested in case of a string of s*xual assaults has been named the ‘prime suspect’ in the terrific 1996 r*pe and murder of a 22-year-old college student after DNA evidence linked him to the cold case.

Nickey Duane Stane was arrested on Wednesday on a ‘John Doe’ warrant after Visalia police named him as a suspect for seven s*xual assaults where he allegedly attacked women ranging in age from 17 to 41 from 1999 to 2002 in central California.

Police then named him a suspect in Dorian’s case saying DNA evidence linked semen recovered from the 1996 crime scene to a 1999 s*xual assault case in Visalia.

Visalia police identified using DNA technology.

They gathered a DNA profile for the suspect and identified a match after investigating several genealogical databases. Then, they obtained Nickey Stane’s DNA through undisclosed methods and compared it to the DNA collected from a 1999 crime scene, and it came back positive, according to the Fresno Bee.

On Friday, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer announced Nickey Stane was the suspect in Dorian’s 23-year-old murder case.

He was charged for s*xual assaults, forcible oral copulation and kidnapping to commit another crime for those attacks, according to Tulare County jail records.

He denied being guilty of those crimes.

On Friday, Fresno District Attorney Lisa A. Smittcamp announced in a news conference that the police plan to file murder and r*pe charges against him for his crimes.

‘Nickey Stane is every woman’s nightmare. He appears to be a regular person, and he is a s*xual predator who has terrorized women throughout this Valley’. Smittcamp said.

On August 22, 1996, Debbie’s father Peter Dorian found his daughter r*ped, and murdered in her apartment.

Police are still in the search for her killer and in 2016, the case was reopened and led by two retired department detectives: Bob Schiotis and Vince Zavala who worked as a volunteer and reserve officer respectively,  according to the Fresno Bee.

The case started again when DNA collected from a r*pe investigation in Dorian’s 1996 case matched DNA found from a 1999 s*xual assault case in Visalia, according to Fox26.

Fresno police revealed that year that DNA evidence linked Dorian’s killer to up to seven assaults on women in the area.

On August 22, 1996, Debbie’s father Peter Dorian found his daughter r*ped, and murdered in her apartment.

Nickey Stane’s previous criminal history was non-felony s*xual offenses in the 1980s. According to social media, he is divorced and a father.

‘As technology is increasing and improving in everything that we do in our world, so is that of genetic genealogy and DNA’, Smittcamp said.

DNA evidence taken from Dorian’s home was found to match evidence taken from the scene of a s*xual assault in Visalia. The Fresno and Visalia Police departments started to work together following new developments in the case.

‘Any time, you are able to solve a violent crime like this. There is a great deal of satisfaction knowing that, although you will never bring any type of closure to the family, we can at least bring them some form of justice,’ he further added.

Investigations by Police

According to police, Stane’s manner of attack matched up in all the assault cases.

Police say Nickey Stane would approach a young woman with his face hidden, wearing the hood of a sweatshirt, threaten her with a handgun, and then s*xually abuse her.

According to police, Nickey Stane’s manner of attack matched up in all the assault cases. Police say he’d approach a young woman, threaten her with a black handgun, and then s*xually abuse her.


Police pictured searching Debbie Dorian’s home in California in August 1996 following her shocking death.

‘The s*xual assaults of the victims were also similar in nature. The suspect would force the victim to expose their breasts, fondle the breasts, attempted or forced oral copulation, and masturbated during several of the crimes,’ Visalia Police Chief Jason Salazar said in October 3 press conference.

He would often attack them in public and force them into a dark place like an alley or behind buildings.

‘I can’t imagine a man who has been a predator for more than 30 years will ever get out of custody’, Smittcamp added.

He’s set to appear in court in Tulare County on October 16 for a preliminary hearing conference.

Heroic Dad But a Criminal

Nickey Stane’s ex-wife is shocked by the arrest. Their marriage ended before the alleged crimes were committed.

‘I’m shocked. I’m not defending him, but I had no clue whatsoever. I can just tell you he was a great dad to his kids. They were number one for him’, she said to ABC.

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