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Who is Star Nick Gereffi: Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Awards, Death, Cause of Death and More

Pictured: Nick Gereffi
Pictured: Nick Gereffi

Nick Gereffi Biography – Wikipedia

Nick Gereffi is the star who was awarded the 2018 Associate Spotlight Award for the New York film and television market, one of the Casting Society of America’s Artios Awards.

He and Rachel Sussman are the co-founders of the Indigo Theatre Project.

Gereffi is believed to have worked as a casting associate for casting directors Kim Miscia and Beth Bowling on the television series Gotham. He had also previously worked on casting for programs including PowerMaster of NoneFalling Water, Gotham, You  and many more, according to IMDb.

In 2012, the star graduated in Communication Arts.

Nick Gereffi Death & Cause of Death

Gereffi died in late December 2017. His cause of death is still unknown.

Nick Gereffi Best Know For

Nick Gereffi was known at MMC for his amazing sense of humor, sharp wit, and kind heart. As his close friends have claimed, not only was he incredibly smart and passionate about his work, he was always authentic about himself.

There are several people and directors who knew him and saw the caliber of his craft and his love for others.

The Casting Society of America also recognized the caliber of Gereffi’s works and talent.

In an article about the award, Miscia revealed: “Nick made such an enormous impact on all of the shows that he worked on during his too-brief career. We wholeheartedly believe he deserves the award a million times over”.