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Ex-Miami Beach Cop’s Racism At Capitol: Nicholes Lentz Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Nicholes Lentz Biography — Wiki

Nicholes Lentz is a former Miami Beach cop who has been outed as a Capitol rioter after filming himself surrounded by Trump supporters and vowing to ‘take back power’ during the siege. Lentz worked for the North Miami Beach police department until last August when he resigned two months after a Twitter user accused him of racism.

He attended Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol during which five people died.

Nicholes Lentz Age

Nicholes Lentz, a former Marine, is 41 years old.

Nicholes Lentz outed as Capitol rioter after filming himself

Nicholes Lentz attended Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol during which five people died, including a police officer who was allegedly struck over the head with a fire extinguisher. In the footage, Lentz declares: ‘America has spoken. You cannot stop millions of people, you cannot stop it. You can’t. It’s impossible.

‘America has a voice, we give them the power, we give the power, the people give the power. And we’re here to take it back.’

Lentz is surrounded by the yelling Trump mob in the halls of the Capitol as he says he’s ‘not here to hurt any cops.’

‘I love my boys in blue,’ he says, ‘But this is overwhelming for them. There’s no way they can hold us back.’

The Facebook video was leaked to the Miami Herald before Lentz could delete it.

The footage doesn’t show him engaging in any violence or reveal how he entered the building.

What we know so far about Nicholes Lentz

North Miami Beach confirmed Nicholes Lentz worked for the department until last summer but declined to comment on why he stopped working there. Records show he voluntarily resigned on August 17, 2020.

Last June, a Twitter user accused Lentz of making a racist comment on Facebook and tagged the North Miami Beach police department – calling for him to be fired.   ‘I was truly disgusted and heartbroken yesterday as I shared my experience with police brutality [and] this officer Nicholes Lentz said it’s ok. Next, I will share with my 12k followers @myNMBPolice,’ the tweet said.

Lentz had engaged in a discussion with the accuser, telling them that there is no systemic racism in the United States and citing the success of black athletes.

The cop wrote: ‘You didn’t get racially profiled by the police, you look like a f—— criminal with your stupid a– beard and your pants hanging off your a– and your corn rolls and talking like an uneducated person. That’s why they stop you.’

He had previously worked for the Fort Pierce police department in St. Lucie County from 2014 to 2016.

A news story from September 2017, describes how Lentz saved a mother and her baby from floods during Hurricane Irma.

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