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BA Pilot With COVID Leaves Hospital After 243 Days: Nicholas Synnott Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Fast Facts

Nicholas Synnott Biography — Wiki

Nicholas Synnott is a British Airways pilot who spent a record 243 days in the hospital with coronavirus and has now finally returned home. The father-of-two Synnott punched the air after being discharged and heading home to Betchworth, Surrey, shortly before Christmas.

Mr. Synnott was admitted to a Texas hospital in March and is now regaining his strength with his wife Nicola, who spent every day at her husband’s bedside.

Nicholas Synnott Age

Nicholas Synnott, the father of Rebecca, 24, and George, 21, is 59 years old. His wife Nicola is a school administrator.

Nicholas Synnott Full tory

Nicholas Synnott had suffered respiratory failure, was treated with a ventilator and then a heart and lung machine before his recovery started, doctors said.

The pilot said he hopes the husband of TV presenter Kate Garraway, Derek Draper, beats his record as the Briton to come home with the longest Covid-19 hospital stay under his belt, The Times reports. The Good Morning Britain presenter’s husband was also hospitalized in March.

Derek is still in intensive care after the virus ‘wreaked havoc’ on his body.

He remains in critical condition but 53-year-old Kate says he has made minor improvements.

In October he was able to mouth the words ‘pain’ in an emotional indicator of the difficulties of his illness. Her two children Darcey and Billy were able to visit their father for the first time in hospital two weeks ago, marking an end to their 10 monthly separations.

The family had been unable to visit him in the hospital before due to coronavirus restrictions, but Kate previously said that nurses allowed her to FaceTime him.

What we know so far about Nicholas Synnott

After leaving UT Health and Memorial Hermann Hospital, Mr. Nicholas Synnott told ABC 30 News: ‘My temperature was spiking over 100 degrees… then I went through sort of a dark phase where psychologically there were issues I had to come to terms with.’

He added: ‘It was a tough journey but, we’ve got where we are.’

Mr. Synnott became ill after a flight to Houston – a city he hopes to visit again and see the zoo he looked at every day from his hospital window.

Cardiologist Dr. Biswajit Kar, who treated Mr. Synnott, said: ‘Every organ of his body was affected by Covid-19. But yet, because his health was so good as a pilot prior to the illness, he could sustain all this and survive something as serious as this.’

Critical care specialist Dr. Bindu Akkanti said the devotion of his wife was crucial to his recovery.

‘I think all of us on our team agreed that it was his wife,’ she said.

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