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Who is Beaten African American Girl – Nevaeh Thomas Wikipedia

Nevaeh Thomas

Nevaeh Thomas is an 11-year-old African American girl who was allegedly attacked and knocked unconscious by a 12-year-old white boy last Friday at the Park 67 Apartments in Shawnee, Kansas.

‘It’s wrong and it’s wrong to hurt people with words and weapons,’ Nevaeh said Thursday

Nevaeh was reportedly hospitalized in Kansas late last month after a 12-year-old white boy allegedly hurled racist insults at her and struck her with a metal pole.

Nevaeh Thomas Attacked By ’12-year-old White Boy’

Nevaeh Thomas says she was playing with friends at the Park 67 Apartments in Shawnee on August 28 when the boy, who lives in the complex, began yelling out racial slurs at the girls, all of whom were black.

Nevaeh, who says she had never met the boy before, allegedly responded to his sickening taunts by saying, ‘my black is beautiful’, which angered him further.

The boy left and returned moments after with a knife and started threatening Nevaeh and her friends

He then left once again and returned with a steel pole, swinging it at Nevaeh and striking her in the head. The blow knocked her unconscious for three minutes and left her bleeding from deep injuries on her face.


It took two hours and numerous pleas to get the Shawnee police department to take the boy into custody.

The boy, who has not been named in police reports due to his age, has since been charged with one felony count of aggravated battery and has been placed on house arrest.

Nevaeh, meanwhile, spent the night in the hospital and received eight stitches to her cheek.

Nevaeh Thomas’ Press Conference

Days after, Nevaeh held a press conference calling for society to bring a stop to ‘hate racism’.

“It’s time to start talking about racism”, Nevaeh said Tuesday

“It’s wrong and it’s wrong to hurt people with words and weapons. It’s OK to be different or have a difference of opinions but it’s not OK to hate and judge each other on their color and their skin”.

“It’s time to start talking about racism. Our kids should be able to play, play in a park without being attacked because of the color of their skin”, Nevaeh said Thursday at the Empowerment Temple in Kansas City.

‘You’re not born with it, you’re taught it”, Nevaeh’s grandfather, Malcom X Martin, also voiced his sadness.

Navaehsays she is now organizing a walk for children to demonstrate love, anti-racism, and community. The date and location of which will be announced at a later date.

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