Who is Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Fiancé: Nayel Nassar Biography, Wiki, Age, Early, Life, Career, Proposal, Engagement, and Other Information

Nayel Nassar Biography – Wiki

Nayel Nassar is said to be the young Egyptian show jumper and millionaire who has recently been announced his engagement to Bill Gates’ 23-year-old daughter Jennifer Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates revealed being “thrilled” on the Instagram for the couple, with Melinda sharing her daughter’s post on her Instagram story.

Nayel Nassar Early Life

The show jumper was born in Chicago, Illinois, but grew up in Kuwait. According to details, his parents–who have an architecture firm–hail from Egypt, and they got him his first horse when he was 10. He has a brother too.

Over the years, they built his love for riding by having him trained in different parts of the world, including Europe.

Nayel Nassar & Jennifer Gates Together for Years

The couple started dating each other in 2016 or early 2017, but they spend much of their time together as equestrians.  The pair, who both were the students at Stanford University, each have a love for the equine sport.

The pair has plans to continue traveling together internationally for the sport, and Gates is currently focused her further studies.

In October last year, Nassar helped Egypt qualify for the Tokyo games by winning the CSIO4*-W Nations Cup of Rabat.

Jennifer Gates Announced Engagement to Nayel Nassar

Jennifer Gates, the eldest child, shared a photo of her with her future husband on her Instagram account Wednesday revealing that Nassar had proposed her.
Nassar posted two other photos of the wintry proposal on his own Instagram account, writing: “SHE SAID YES!!”
“Nayel Nassar, you are one of a kind. Absolutely swept me off my feet this past weekend, surprising me in the most meaningful location over one of our many shared passions,” Gates wrote while sharing a picture of pair sitting on snow.
Gates added she “can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, growing, laughing and loving together”,
Gates responded CNN’s EQ equestrian show last year: “Horses are just one part of our life, but we love the sport”.
“He’s a professional, and I do this as an amateur. So, to be able to share our love and passion for horses with each other is just incredible”,
“Jennifer, you are everything I could have possibly imagined… and so much more. I can’t wait to keep growing together through this journey called life, and I simply can’t imagine mine without you anymore”, Nassar wrote in one of his posts.
Nassar thanked his partner for “making every single day feel like a dream to him”,
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