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What You Don’t Know About Singer-Songwriter: Natasha Bedingfield Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram and More

Natasha Bedingfield
Natasha Bedingfield

Who is Natasha Bedingfield?

Natasha Bedingfield is a British artist. As a teenager, she started an electronic/ dance group with her siblings Daniel and Nikola called DNA Algorithm. At 14, she sang vocals on Origins Refined Intricacy (Steelyard Records).

How old is Natasha Bedingfield?

Born on 26th November 1981, Natasha is 39 years old as of the year.

Natasha Bedingfield Biography

Although she attended the University of Greenwich to study psychology, she soon left and began to focus on her music career. She began recording music for the Hillsong London Church. Her 2004 debut album, ‘Unwritten’, was an international hit, seeing that it sold 2.3 million copies globally.

Natasha Bedingfield Wikipedia

She even earned a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the title track, ‘Unwritten’. She went on to produce more hit music, including ‘I Wanna Have Your Babies’ and ‘Soulmate’, both on her second album, ‘N.B.’ Her third album, ‘ Pocketful of Sunshine’ was just as popular, with singles ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ doing exceedingly well.

She has sold over 10 million albums and 10 million singles worldwide, resulting in over 20 million records sold.

Natasha Bedingfield Social Media

The artist happens to be quite active on social media. The video posted by her is a duet with a TikTok famous dance trio that goes by the name @gleefuljhits, who are seen using choreography put together by Tik Toker @rony_boyy. The dance group is known for its signature neon outfits and balaclava-style masks.

The original video racked up 3.2 million views.

Natasha Bedingfield TikTok

Bedingfield, who decided to duet with the trio managed to draw in an astounding 3 million views just within 12 hours of posting the video. The reason behind it? The internet was absolutely shocked to see the singer twerking.

Twitter, as always, had a few things to say about the video and Bedingfield in general. “Natasha Bedingfield been hiding that pocket full of sunshine in her back pocket this entire time” tweeted a fan. “Natasha BEEN Bedingfield” added another. “I can’t believe most of the songs I remember hearing EVERYWHEREEE when I was a kid was made by Natasha Bedingfield!! Why did it take a gwagon dump truck ass for us to be talking about her more ” asked another. “SO ms @natashabdnfield had a DUMP TRUCK all this timeeee???” tweeted another, to which the artist even cheekily replied.

Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten

One of the latest viral dances has people strutting to Natasha Beddingfield’s 2004 hit ‘Unwritten’ and the singer has decided to take on the pants-off trend as well. In a video posted on her TikTok page, the pop artist is seen in a neon green tracksuit, dancing to a remixed version of ‘Unwritten’ by Esco Like Yhop ft. Shawn P. The song features the singer’s iconic lyrics remixed with heavy bass.

Natasha Bedingfield Ass/Butt

Fans were just glad the artist was getting the recognition she deserved, even if it was in the most unexpected way possible.

“Natasha Bedingfield is trending because Twitter just realized she has an Iggy Azalea-type cake and now everyone is acting like unwritten is their favorite song ever love it, she’s so f**ing FINE” tweeted a fan. “It’s so funny that Natasha Bedingfield has been trending all day because people are just discovering she has a huge a**, as if that’s new info haha. But hey, if it brings more attention to her music that’s all right with me.” added a fan.

The artist, however, has been rather open-minded about the reception and has even been replying to fans. “natasha bedingfield responding to tiktok comments about her dumptruck a** is cracking me up” tweeted a fan with a photo of the same.

Natasha Bedingfield Instagram

The artist even took to Instagram to speak about the experience and credited the content creators who helped make her song go viral, with their own videos, dance moves and remixes. “The essence of Unwritten is about how wonderful, unexpected things can happen at any moment, and these tik to dances I keep seeing recently couldn’t be more wonderful and unexpected! It’s a real joy to attempt to keep up (even if I make a fool of myself!).” she said.

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